Dwight Anderson

There is no questioning his talent or the fact that he can come up with game breaking plays, but he does come with some question marks in the form of attitude. Here is hoping that the Als Veterans and coaching staff has squash the ego that he displayed in Calgary.

If he they rope him in, this could be a very key signing for this season.

Pierre Vercheval was saying how he finds it weird that the Alouettes would target such a player. But on the other hand every team needs a bad boy trash talker. We had Avon he left, now Dwight's turn to talk smack.

The key difference is that Cobourne talked "smack" to the opposition.
You got the feeling that he'd take a bullet for his team mates...and they for him

Remains to be seen if Anderson...who's had disputes with fellow players before...will bow to the Will of Allahouette.

Then again...Davis Sanchez had the same bad reputation...and he mellowed out into a great ballplayer.
The talent...a chance for the Cup...and good coaching should bring him around.

Sure beats blowing spitballs at the set every time Dix let another one beat him for a score.

This stuff about Anderson's attitude is way overblown IMO. I think he'll be a great fit here, a ballhawk coming to a team that led the league in INTs last season. :twisted:

Si on regarde d'un peu plus près, les problèmes de vestiaire des Stampeders ne sont peut-être pas tous dus à quelques joueurs comme à une mauvaise atmosphère qui est tolérée dans ce vestiaire.

ON a dit bien des choses sur Sandro DeAngelis, Brandon Browner, Mike Labinjo, Randy Chevrier, et même sur Henry Burris. Tout ceci me laisse croire qu'un certain niveau de mesquinerie était toléré dans le vestiaire, chose qui ne le sera pas dans celui des Alouettes. Si Anderson veut faire son jars, il y aura sans doute un Stewart ou un Wilson pour lui rappeler qu'il n'est pas plus important que l'équipe et de pogner son trou.