Dwight Anderson

Is there a player out there who is a bigger showboater out there? There is No doubt he is a good football player. But I wonder if he really needs to go and do his little pose after every play he makes. The worst however was when his teammate broke up a pass and he came in to the play after the ball was on the ground he still showboated. He didn't do anything of value, he broke to a thrown ball and got there too late to do anything yet there Dwight was running around and getting into his little squat and pointing to the crowd.
I seem to remember him in the Grey Cup last year running all the way to the Al's sideline and getting in their face. You win a championship and whats the first thing you do. Rub the opponents nose in it or go celebrate with your teammates.

I think is my main dislike of the Stampeders in general. After every play someone has to scream or showboat. You don't see Geroy do his superman on every play so why does Nic Lewis do it after every first down he gets. I remember when Nealon Greene got penalized for flexing, and while I disagreed with it, the precedent was set.

I do want to clarify so it doesn't sound like I am an old grandpa who wants nobody to have fun. Celebrate all you want, but do it when it means something. In short, Act like you have been there before.

It will be nice to see this weekend though, Anderson, Lewis and Co will only have those small things to celebrate while the Riders will have all those nice Td's and a nice fat win to celebrate.

Go Riders

...your team would show some emotion too now and then if Old Man Miller didn't shake his fist at them darn kids making so much noise....get off my lawn.....

Who the hell is Dwight Anderson...?


"Act like you have been there before" is exactly the kind of thing that would be said by an "old grandpa who wants nobody to have fun"


I do agree with you though, but I'm not afraid to acknowledge my grumpy old man tendencies. :lol:

You've got to give Hufnaegel credit for putting a stop to the 4 man bobsled type nonsense. The Stamps have toned it down a lot in the last couple of years under Hufnaegel.

#33 CB for the Stamps

Hmm... Can't say I've ever really noticed him on the field. The name sounds familiar, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm thinking of the guy from the Denver Nuggets... :lol: I'll have to watch out for him this Sunday.

you wanna talk about show boating?

look on the Esks roster!

Whitlock is always in guys faces when he makes a big run! shooting his mouth off.

Tristan Jackson is very much the same. seen him many times during a game, doing all this..

like Shut up! play the game.. let your actions on the field do the talking for you, NOT your mouth!

This is a thread about Dwight Anderson. If you want to hate on the Esks so badly, create a new thread to do it in. :roll:

and he's actually toned it down.

But yeah i wish he'd be a little less in your face.

Anderson as well as many others, not just from the Stamps either could take a lesson from Joffery Reynolds, he has got to be one of classier players in the game. I have never seen him showboat once, and he's had ample opportunity.

George Reed in todays Calgary Herald said "Reynolds should be the most outstanding player."

Now back to Anderson....who also had a great yr. :thup:


on the fan960, Nik Lewis said he loves being the most hated player in the league. And his coach loves having him on the team. About Anderson, Huff said he likes his emotion and on him being on the edge.

Is he one of the Stamps DBs who got in a shoving match with his teammate on the field during a game?

haha so there is a thread about john chick…and i mentioned something about anderson being next…and lo and behold here it is :lol: if you think he is the only db who gets excited for his teammates on plays that he had nothing to do with your dreaming…i get it you dont like it when a player shuts you down and than celebrates cause your busy breaking your crayons in your living room, but i do not remember him “rubbing it in” the als face when calgary won. please post a link with video proof of him doing this after the game.

Yes he was.

I don't have video proof. I saw it with mine own eyes. Live from the Big O.

I don't think there is a thing wrong with celebrating with your teammates after they make a play. He did not do that, he showboated to the crowd on his own accord when he had nothing to do with it. I don't think that is called for, and if he was a player on a team I was coaching I would be letting him know I didn't care for it.
Lucky for you I am not his coach, I am a fan of an oppossing team.

ps. It seems that the majority of Stamps fan posting on this thread agree he should tone it down.

Where does Getzlaf get the nerve to criticize Nik Lewis's celebrations???

Worry about your own game.

Where do you get off worrying about John Chick's play, worry about your own life!

I'm not worried.

I'm simply pointing out an observation i saw, and a heads up to look for it.