Dwight Anderson

Would anyone like to comment on Dwight Andersons taunting our coaching staff and players last? I can hardly talk to day - What a pantload.

Dwight who? cares??

He was taunting the fans too lol. Like when it was second and goal and Porter threw to Currie in triple coverage and couldn't complete it, he was on the opposite side of the endzone acting all big like he was the guy who broke up the play and that we're never going to score on him. Can you say tool?

He's a spirited aggressive player and I still like him. Getting into the heads of the players, coaches and fans is part of the game.

He got burned by Arland on the TD toss from Adam...

Ah, sweet karma!! :lol:

8) Yep, Anderson was taunting the fans all night long in Box A and B. He was coming almost right
 up to the railing with his smack talk.

  Of course as usual, he got it all back in spades from the fans, especially in the dying minutes of
   the game, with chants of   Anderson, Anderson, Anderson.  I'm sure that had to be heard on TV.

   Reminded me of the good old days when ex TiCat Eric Carter used to come back to town as a 
   member of the Lions.  He would always get the fans going also !!

   By the way, Anderson got a dressing down from Coach Hufnagel, for that display of taunting the 
   TiCat bench.

    All in a nights fun.     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Lots of times taunting only motivates the opposition team, maybe he did us a favor, Hufnagel mite of been thinking that. :slight_smile:

8) You're absolutely right !! That is exactly the reason why Hufnagel got in his face about it.

As one of Anderson's BIGGEST DETRACTORS, while he was here, it was EXTRA satisfying to see ABIII burn him for the game WINNING TD.

Good riddance Dwight.



Check out the short video interview on ths site where Tafralis said he went after him to shut him up.

Great job Adam and Arland!

He was hardly burnt on the play, he had great coverage, Bruce just came up with a really good play.

He wasn’t burned on the coverage, but he was certainly burned on the play.

Anderson is a head case. After the Tafralis/Bruce touchdown, he was a smoked headcase. Badly burned, I'd say. Probably still steamin'. Couldn't happen to a nicer psycho.

He was hardly[b]burnt[/b] on the play,
Burnt / Beat ... tom-eh-to / tom-aw-to ... the SENTIMENT remains the same.

Good riddance, Mr.Anderson.


He a Good CB... But he has some Personal Issues

He's terrible.

He did nothing in Hamilton. He got beat BADLY every game. When he left Hamilton I was estatic!


Well said!

I even taunted him waving my finger back and forth to him after one of those horibiable penitys he got! :wink:

I was one of his biggest supporters here. I was very unhappy when he was released. All I can say is that I'm really disappointed that he turned out to be such a knob. I'm all for the fun ribbing back and forth between guys who know each other and who have played against each other. Anderson took it well beyond that. If he played as good as he yapped Calgary would have won that game. :smiley: My favourite part was when we recovered their fumble and there was a flag on the field and he was dancing and pointing at the flag and it was on Calgary for too many men lol. Classic.

I believe he is still a very talented player, but if he got a dressing-down from Huffnagel he certainly deserved it. If he would have saved some of the energy he used to dance all over the field, we might have heard his name on a tackle instead of just on the pass interference plays. I really hope he enjoyed their loss. I know I loved it.

In Box H, and we gave it to Anderson non-stop from the opening kickoff.
He's one of those players who engages way too much with the fans, and it's so easy to get him off his game.
While I do think he's a loudmouth, at least he took it like a man and never hid from us in the dugout. That being said, his end of game meltdown was great to watch.