Dwight Anderson

apparently the bombers are interested in dwight anderson. can anyone shed some light on this guy?

i don't think Obie likes him. Obie is a real old school guy and doesn't like players with attitude, which i think may be a good think. I would still like to see him come into camp and have a chance though, competition is good.

how is he as a player?

I think alot of it has to do with his young immaturity, given a few years this guy could be a half decent player, the question is who is willing to put the time and money into him, i don't think it's us.

alright, thanks guys

he was better than people are saying. he was our best guy out there last year.

no way, Lawrence Gordon or Jykine Bradley, Dwight Anderson was probably the easiest DB to pick on in the league last year, maybe it's rookie mistakes, or maybe he just flat out sucks.

... man Bradley played in 2 games how can u say that, like ya he is a way better player but anderson was there all year. And please dont tell me ya serious n ya think gordon is betta

I like Dwight. I think he has the potential to be a great DB. I think his problems had a lot more to do with a lack of defensive play calling and other coaching issues.

I think he has talent. I agree with borehamgirl that he has the potential to be a great defensive back. BUT....

Yes I agree that the defensive scheme (or, more properly, the lack thereof) hurt his performance. So too did the lack of a consistent pass rush....I don't care how good your secondary is, it's going to look pretty mediocre if you give the other team's QB all day to throw.

However, all that said, the guy does have an attitude problem, and can't seem to control his frustration on the field. If he can't correct that, then he'll go down in history as one of many sports figures with oodles of talent but wasted it because their heads weren't screwed on right.

He looked bad a few times but it wasnt his fault on a lot of it as he expected help and didnt get it. He was one of the few that could actually cover man to man, even a little. If he is supposed to get deep help and doesnt get it all people see is him chasing the wr, nobody notices his help was nowhere to be seen.

I agree.

He looked good at times and lost at others, but with a consistently bad pass rush and no help from the safety, anybody will look worse than average.

With a year behind him and a, hopefully, improved defensive scheme, he should be a much better player.

Opposing QBS and offensive coordinators didnt think much of him.
Went right after him
game after game.
With alot of success.

Good athlete but arguably the most selfish player on the team last year. He made a guy like Tim Cheatwood seem like a saint with all of his dumb rough play penalties after the whistle. A mature team with great veteran leadership can handle a guy like Anderson. A team that is rebuilding and searching for leadership? No way he comes back to Steeltown.

man i dont know what games ya were watchin?

I liked Anderson... Too often, though, his heart ruled his head... but at least he had heart.

He was sent home "to think about it", hopefully he did and learned something in the process. I believe he deserves another shot at camp. What's to lose?

Besides Bradley, Anderson was the only DB who made plays for the Ticats last year.

He got cheesed off lots, but wouldn't you if the D-Coordinator didn't know what he was doing, and those mistakes made it look like you didn't know how to cover?

I say bring him to camp. If we don't, he will end up playing against us.

I strongly feel we will look back on this once again and say "Why did we let this guy go?" Don't agree with the move. He needed time to adjust like any other rookie. Obviously, GM Hufnagel sees the tremendous upside to this guy.

i don’t

is that you Dwight Anderson? suspiciously someone signs up and just leaves one post on a thread about Dwight Anderson......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............