Dwight Anderson

Hopefully Anderson can get his problems straightened out and come back next year. He’s got a ton of talent, but it takes more than talent to become a first rate player…you also need a good head on your shoulders. The most talented players in any sport do not make it, unless they got a good head on their shoulders.
So get it together Dwight…I’m hoping you’ll star for the Ticats for many years. :cowboy:

8) Anderson reminds me of another ex TiCat who had all the talent in the world, but let his temper and antics get the better of him continually !!! His name, Ronald Williams !!!! His temper caused the premature end to his career !!!!! A sad case for sure !!!!!

Like Tipper said before in a previous forum..."we've seen the last of Dwight Anderson in a Ticat uniform", so lets not bemoan his sudden departure! Sitting first row in Box J last week, I saw Anderson come within an inch or two of headbutting Taffe as he was benched; so if one thinks he'll be back with this team...you're dreaming!!

Earlier in the year, I said we should keep him, despite his blown coverages and miscues. There was room for improvement and I hate to give up on rookies too soon.

His antics on the field have now made me sway to the side that this guy is not worth the patience to allow him to develop. He is a selfish player, just the kind of guy this team needs to rid itself of for the sake of the rest of the team.

I like Anderson and would love to see him back here, but I won't be surprised at all if he isn't back.

This team really needs to upgrade the secondary next season regardless of whether Anderson is back or not. They should pursue ANY free agent DB's with CFL experience.

I think Delgardo is a keeper for sure. He has never been stellar but showed consistent improvement before he got injured.

I too, really like Anderson. I became a huge fan of his when I was at the game in Winnipeg.

There were some fans that were verbally abusing the team, so every time the offence had a good play Anderson would turn around and make sure those fans were well aware of it. And he didn't use any foul language or get mad with them. He just had a lot of fun with it. In fact Keith joined in with him at one point.

I guess you can call me a dreamer, because I would like like to see him back in Black and Gold.

I Like Anderson too, he's got character. I like Anderson better than I like Taffe.

I see Karikari has been moved from DB to CB to replace Anderson for this game.

I reserve judgment.

if anyone thought anderson was bad are you watching karikari? he sucks, and where is bradley hes an all star

To give up on a kid with Andersons potential because of a disagreement with the coach is crazy...Anderson is an emotional kid who plays with fire and heart...Taffe is an Idiot who alienates the players..Why do you think players are going home with personal problems...Taffe is not the man for the job lets hope that his Nazi like reign ends at the end of the season