Dwight Anderson

Kudos to Anderson who after his great play in the endzone, came over to the sidelines, and applauded the fans in the stands after the game ,as we were applauding him.Pretty classy Dwight.

There are some players who truly appreciate the fans support and Dwight is certainly one of them.

Also, Jerome Davis, as he was coming off the field, came over and "shook" our hands and thanked US for coming out...No thanks were necessary :thup:


And if you need more proof of how classy Anderson is, after his interception when the TV camera was trained on him on the sideline, Dwight looked into the camera and said "That's for the team right there! Everybody support Hamilton baby! That's for y'all!"

Also after the play before his interception, when Burris was laying on the ground in obvious pain, Anderson went over to him bent down and said something to Burris. You could tell by body language it was more of a comfort thing than trying to mock him.

He shows sympathy to the injured opposing QB one play and then intercepts the ball on the next play. Should we call that karma?

I just watched the Cats win over the Stamps.. someone tell me WHY Anderson did not get up and run the ball back for a TD.. he was NOT touched by a Stamp and could have done so...or is it down because it's the endzone good for him on the INT but little things like this need to be taken care of as well for the Cats to put Win streaks together


First of all he had a number of the defence jump on him to congratulate him. Second, chances of running all the way back for a TD especially without his helmet which popped off when he hit the ground, are very slim. And why take the chance of having the ball knocked out of his hands and recovered by the Stamps.

I think he made a good decision to down the ball right then and there.

And why take the chance of having the ball knocked out of his hands and recovered by the Stamps.
You obviously missed the fact that NO ONE was near him at all.. he practically sauntered halfway down the field anyway after getting up

I'm assuming your talking about the last play of the game, with 51 seconds left in the 4th quarter. With 51 seconds left, u might as well just let your offense run out the clock because you've already won anyways. If it was cats down by 4 then id agree with you 110%.

Good job Dwight, keep up the great work!

Correct, I am.. but in light of the whining about Calgary doing an onside kick right after scoring a major in the 1st quarter, and people saying you play 60 minutes it would have been the "right" thing to do, make no mistake I'm not knocking Anderson, I think it's great he got the int but maybe lacking that "killer instinct" has the Cats in the mindset they currently are in. ANY other team would have been up and romping is all

he had a good game lets hope the rest of the season he plays like that


Oh!.. well THAT clears it up...

alright , I'll explain the obvious.
Any player AWARE of the time and field position would have taken a knee in the endzone to prevent what happened to J.J last week.

Very simple and something that I would assume a ca member with over 1000 posts could figure out on his own.

Smart by Anderson....Intentional or not.

man some people can never win can they. if he took the ball out there would be a ton of people saying why didnt he just give the knee.

and i love that after he makes the nice play this week all the anderson haters eather switched sides and went and hid somewhere.


Dwight made a great play.

He was determined to cover that receiver
on his crossing route across the field.

He got right beside him just when the pass arrived
and snatched the ball away before he could get it.

That was a great play on anderson's part. It was a good catch and a good choice for the knee. Dwight had an all round awesome game. =) and it was a relief to actually see the cats pulling together.

Dwight did the right thing. There was no need for him to risk losing the ball by getting up and running it out. There may not have been anyone around him, but you bet your behind there would have been if he had chosen to get up and run it. Considering the luck we've had with turnovers, Dwight did exactly what he should have done and he had a great game. He's only going to get better.

I'm not sure if anyone has looked at the Game Day Photos posted on the site but check photo #44 ... Anderson looks just like a delighted little kid. Love the smile!

What a great pic!! It clearly shows his enthusiam. He's such a likable guy and quite a singer too. I can't say enough about him.

HTD, I saw it live so I have not had the benefit of seing a replay, however, i'm curious. Did the officials blow the play dead when he caught the ball?

The rest of the cats looked like they jumped on him pretty quick so I just assummed he was down by contact.

Good play by Anderson, I'm glad he picked the ball and stayed down, he gets up and fools around with the ball you never know what could happen.