Dwight Anderson.

Is it just me or has Dwight Anderson been playing for himself opposed to playing for/with the team?

In tonights game I counted numerious plays where Mr.Anderson would start jumping up & down after making a tackle even when the first down was gained! Infact one play tonight Charles Roberts ran for a good 30yards & finally Mr.Anderson took him to the ground & then Anderson began to celebrate like he had made a major accomplishment. I understand he's a rookie but is coach Taffee trying to make them gel as a team? we've heard the word 'Gel' all season long, its been the special word. Dwight Anderson is surely not playing for a team, he's playing for personally stats & thats not just my opinion thats just reality because theres actually proof backing up my point.

honestly what is there left to do? I personally think players like Anderson should be held responsible for their actions & be sat on the bench until they prove they can play for a team. The secondary couldn't possibly get any worse with him out so really theres nothing to lose at this point.

& one side note.. I very easily could have called this thread "Tony Tiller" because he was doing the exact same thing tonight.

I don't know but I did see Mr. Anderson giving congrats to W34 after he ripped off a 30+ yards screen play. Now I am all for sportsmenship but not during the game. I have seen too much of this from the Cats this year and not enough banging. The same goes for helping a player up after you have tackled him. Leave him to pick his sorry arse up.

cut him right now

I can't agree on Tiller because it just seemed to me as if he was just excited about playing. I have seen anderson do it all year long. I wouldn't say he is playing for himself though. Its tough enough to be a defensive back itself so you have to be excited. The team is losing but that doesn't mean they aren't suppose to still play and have fun. If they were winning I don't think anyone would say anything about anderson.

What's he supposed to do, mope around with his head down and kick the dirt after every play? Anderson, Tiller, I'll stick Armour in there too - these guys are trying to bring a spark to the defense and this sort of thing shows that they haven't given up despite how bad things get. Seems like we could use more guys like that on the team.

Anderson has shown awesome athletic ability and a good attitude.
It is taking more time than I would like to learn his position, but you can't buy experience, and he is getting it every week.
He will be better next year...we hope

When Winnipeg missed the field goal in the second half which led to the fumble for a td,Anderson was taunting the Winnipeg bench for missing the the field goal. All the while oblivious to the events taking place in the endzone!

Exactly. I love the enthusiasm and intensity Dwight brings to the field. People on here complain all the time about guys “mailing it in” and giving up when we’re down, well Dwight is the exact opposite of that. He stays upbeat and tries to pump up the fans and his teammates and people fault him for that, too.

maybe we should cut the whole team and replace them with the fans from this site.

who know's we might just win the gray cup

wow this is a joke. what do you people have against anderson, is it his hair? he was pumped up and danceing all night just like tiller, cody, armour, and zeke. all that means is that there jelling and haveing a good time out there.

thank you makaveli,

its always something with people here

This team basicly Rookies who learning the game. They should be better after this year.

hes a rookie, hes excited shut up let the kid play, n all those CUT him ppl stfu, u know nothing about football, how is a team suppose to get better if all u wanna do is cut them????? ya makes sense?? dumb ass

Dwight is someone I can respect. He was pumped the whole night and even tried to get us fans more involved even though the 'Cats were being beaten bad..I like that in a player :thup:

I have to agree to a certain point with the original poster. Can not sya if he was playing for himself or team but his "excitement" needs to be contained. he was jawing with Winnipeg players all night....yes it is good to have attitude and excitement but you are getting your butts handed to you and Mr. Anderson was getting beat quite a bit last night. He also went over to tap Kevin Glen as he was going off the field. great sportsmanship and respect but Winnipeg was beginning to line up and Mr. Anderson had to reun about 60 yards (20 yards back and across the field) to barely get into position (no doubt tired). Luckily they ran the ball that play.
Then in the 3rd quarter when we had Winnipeg pinned on the 5 yard line and the whole defence was waving there arms to get the crowd cheering before the play only to have the ball marched all the way down the field.
Excitement and heart is one thing but I believe the original poster is trying to say there is a time and a place and professionalism comes into play. Worr more about your job and get it done before the rest of the nonesense....respect for the other team and most of all yourself needs to come in play and some things last night were "bush league". Leadership is needed.

(RJS1) What's he supposed to do, mope around with his head down and kick the dirt after every play? Anderson, Tiller, I'll stick Armour in there too - these guys are trying to bring a spark to the defense and this sort of thing shows that they haven't given up despite how bad things get. Seems like we could use more guys like that on the team.
Agreed! I think the potential exists for Anderson to become one of the better defensive backs in the league. He makes ome rookie mistakes but improves somewhat every game.

At this early stage, it might be premature to say much about Tiller, but he too shows good speed and potential.

Armour has been a steady performer all season and lets face it, folks, we don't have many of these. This guy comes to play.

ohh I have absoutley nothing against Anderson, I never once said “cut him” I was simply saying that I believe he needs to be sat down & observe the game before he can get back out there. I personally dont care for his ‘excitment’ because if an opposing RB gains 30yards on a 2nd & long situation then theres simply nothing to be excited about.

When Dwight stopped suplexing people, my respect for his play went back to where it
was pre-Stoddard incident.

Guys celebrating plays spontaneously don't get my goat. As long as they are hustling and making a maximum effort, I have no problems with it.

In a Waterloo-style defeat, showing ANY life is preferable to flatlining.

That being stated, maturation will help tone some of the 4-34 deficit "Look at what I just did" residue. That is something that has to be policed in the locker room to be effective, not in a fan forum.

Tape does not lie. Histrionics in realtime do not hide the mistakes made during the game. I don't begrudge enthusiasm that does not impede one's focus. The greats celebrate turnovers, touchdowns, defensive stands, and other game-changers. Making a sure tackle when losing by 30?

Moreno doesn't do that, and I would expect him to carry that message behind closed doors as required.

Oski Wee Wee,

Anderson is trying to fire his team mates, and the fans up when he smacks someone. No different than Cody or Armour. Let's not take the edge of these guys. Next year when we're competing for the Cup, Anderson will be a big part of the reason. :cowboy: