Dwight Anderson

that should have not been 25 and an ejection, yes the 15 would be correct but it wasn't a punch or a spit or an attempt to injure after the play, it was a hard somewhat dirty tackle.so i don't know what the refs are thinking.

I was following up to "an attempt to injure," was willing to disgree, and continued on. You lost me at "somewhat!" LOL :wink:

I do expect there will be supplementary discipline on this from the league.

Oski Wee Wee,

i thought the whistle was a bit late but no excuse, it was a bad penalty, you know the chances are the refs will call it and with it being late the game not a smart move at all.

Of course it was an ejection and 25 yards.

This is Hamilton. Face it, if any of the other seven teams do something like this, it's 15 yards. We get the short end of the stick.

So what? S.uck it up, and play knowing that anything you do will be called. Play a more clean game than anyone else, and let the management show George Black that we're still called more than any other team, for infractions that we can prove are not penalties to any other team.

If anything the ejection helped. It gave the Ti-Cats the boost and gave them something to keep fighting for. That ejection might have been the best play of the night.

my point is someone tackled roberts in the exact same way a few weks back and there was no ejection. where's the consistency, and what is the official rule? just curious i guess.


The CFL does not care for consistency.

The Cats have to believe that, and fashion their style to reflect that. I’m not against the officials; I just think that they are told to be biased, and we have to live with that and overcome it.

Im blaming the refs for not blowing the play sooner, not for the call. It was a bad call based on when the refs blew the whistle. Had they of blown the play dead sooner it would have never happened. Hence i blame the refs.

Anderson's reaction while leaving the field was motovational NOT classless.
It fired EVERYBODY up .(except you)

There was nothing cowardly about the tackle.
For those of you who have never stepped onto a football field (except to get an autograph) know that plays equally as offensive happen on nearly every play.
There is alot of scratching , sack grabbing , eye poking , punching in the pile, etc... EVERY play.
This penalty is no different to me than a major facemasking penalty.

The tackle was a roughing penalty much like others during ANY game. Stoddard was injured while still on his feet which could happen to any player during any play.
If Anderson had let him go without throwing him , Stoddard would still be out with a ACL injury.
Stoddard landed with his chest ,shoulder and face first.
Stoddard was NOT fighting for more yards but was only trying to stay on his feet when the whistle blew.
Whould all of you have the same response if the whistle hadn't blown?

With that being said, it should have been a 15 yard roughing penalty.

The right call but bad judgement. The refs were very late on the whistle but Anderson did add extra zip to the tackle....

None the less, I am sick of listening to those fans complaining about his tackle here and on the 5th quarter. The same people all the time only happy when complaining and trying to run someone out of town. We won and we played hard. These same fans would be complaining if he did not throw Stoddard down and some how Stoddard broke free and ran for a touchdown. Anderson would be called, soft the team would have no heart and we would all be a bunch of sissy's. Anderson was playing with grit and determination. The place was rocking and so were our players. Throw them down and throw them down hard.....Stoddard and others will think a little harder next time before fighting for yards. Old time steel defence and bring pride to the Black and Gold and fear from everyone else. Or run him out of town and go watch the ballet.

Nough said!!!!!

Why is there even an argument here ??....the CFL has it within their power to hold a conference call as early as Monday will all the GM's and make a new law immediately that says if any player has another player in the air and purposely "body slams" him, the offender will be kicked out of the CFL forthwith....no exceptions!

........there is no excuse for upending a player and driving him head first into the turf.....if anything, you fall backwards with the player in your grasp and end the play....and be a cushion for the player that has no choice in how he lands at that point.

.......someone will get paralyzed or killed and if the CFL doesn't act decisively now, then they just don't care in my opinion.....body slamming anyone on their head or back is an act of extreme aggression and shouldn't be tolerated whatsoever.....

.....again, this issue can be put to rest Monday if the will is there......and I agree with the Tiger-Cat player being sent to the showers.....100%

Again, the severity of suplexing someone at shoulder level and eye gouging in a pile is a difference of magnitude.

The optics are bad. That can't be disputed, IMO. The only things missing from it being Bertuzzian were intent, a pool of blood, bad ice, and the way the ragdolls were planted in each case.

I get that most scrimmages are not Kumbaya fests, but the bad Chris Benoit flashback didn't do it for me.

It was flagrant disregard for the rules of war from sideline to sideline. Football people know this and something will be done about it, hopefully before it is too late.

Oski Wee Wee,

"the offender will be kicked out of the CFL forthwith"....

That might be a bit extreme..out of the game and a game suspension,no pay,is punishement enough...

For me, two games at least. If the precedent isn't set, there will be a future episode that stains the league down the road. Bet on it.

Oski Wee Wee,

Please understand who my football heroes are on the defensive side of the ball:

Ben Zambiasi
Angelo Mosca
Grover Covington
Less Browne
Rob Hitchcock
Dick Butkus
Jack Tatum
Lester Hayes
Lawrence Taylor
Ronnie Lott

Nary a tutu ANYWHERE...not a list of choir boys between the lines, granted.

:D :D :D

There is clean snot dislodging and there is what happened last night. I hope where I am coming from is understood. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I have watched the play a dozen times now, He did not suplex him or what the sam hill you people want to call it. He took him back at least seven yards, while the receiver was fighting to gain yards, and hip rolled to ground . What did you want him do, let him go? Sorry Meanstreak, I forgot that you are the only one on the site thats knows anything at all about football. GGFOM

Andre The Giant hiptossed*


I'm sure the CFL will use the clinical term "hip rolled" in any discipline handed out.

"Don't hip roll again. Baddddd!" :wink:

Again, all Anderson had to do was HOLD the man and continue to impede his forward progress until the whistle blew. ABC stuff. It was not like he was alone on on an island with Stoddard in a one-on-one situation. Causing a man to fall on his head or upper back as a result of a lifting motion that propels the man FASTER than the momentum used to lock up in a grapple ISN'T on, period. They have judo dojos for that.

Oski Wee Uh Huh,

I agree however how do you feel about gang tackling?
Let’s say 3 guys have an opponent wrapped up yet a 4th decides to join in ( as we have seen a 1000 times) and after the pile clears our fella with the ball ends up with a wrist that has been broken in 22 places. His progress was impeded before the 4th.

Roughing or ejection ?
Just curious.

Dwight Anderson....gotta love him.
I'm getting the feeling that old time Ticat football is coming back. Sure Anderson was a little physical, but so what. It's about time we start playing with a nasty edge.....no more "mister nice guy"
Also, good to see Sandy Beveridge back at safety. Another physical prescence in the secondary....something we haven't had since Hitch got moved out of there.
Anderson's a keeper. :cowboy:

Let's see...

When does the whistle blow in your scenario?

How does the 4th player impact the ball carrier? Is it a spear with the helmet?

Is it a result of a spontaneous football play or is it after a whistle, say two Mississippis after the play is blown dead?

It's like trying to piece together an instant replay like P.S.I. Madden 08 without THOSE crucial details. Those kinds of additional elements impact on whether is is roughing and/or an ejectionable offense.

Gang tackling per se whistle to whistle is cool and within the game. Heck, I watched Priestner and Zambiasi do it for years! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,