Dwight Anderson

Dick Butkus never suplexed an opposing player. I'm pretty sure he slammed people (NFL Films junkie that I am), but he didn't ragdoll them over his head. LOL

When you know how to hit and how to wrap, you can deliver the killshots without delving into what amounts to aggravated assault beyond the rules of the game.

As for Anderson having to pull up instead of the suplex, that is nonsense. Hitting somebody into next week is preferable to what actually transpired, since the spectre of breaking someone's neck is amplified even greater by a suplex manoeuvre.

Oski Wee Wee,

It is pretty tough to crush a guy from a standstill while holding each other. Pretty much the only way to get him on the ground without tripping him is to throw him alas thats what Mr.Anderson did and I can’t be happier.

Mr. Stoddard’s orthopedic specialist is also happy he doesn’t have to delve into accordion repair, but I digress.

Again, other options to Bad Ballet Meets Judo were available to Anderson. The minute you lift anyone over your head, all bets are off.

Oski Wee Wee,

I can hardly beleive that people would even argue with the ref on that one. I mean REALLY...

Ask yourself this question Ticat fans...would you like to see Brock Ralph or any other receiver have that happen?

AND crash :roll: Would you be talking like that if it happened to DJ???

I think Not! Again..it was stupid and he got what he deserved and I'm glad it didn't turn out worse! We don't need to see that stuff...hope we don't again! Nuff Said!

Let's get back to enjoying good football and hopefully another win for the Ticats! :thup:

Football is a tough game but a tackle like that should not be a part of the game.. Someone can and will get a broken neck if this is allowed to continue. As for Stoddard it appears he is gone for the year or a better part of the season with a torn ACL or MCL or even both.

DAMN! I'm sorry to hear that! Makes my post above this hit home even more!

Could have been worse...the guy could have been in a wheelchair! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

I'm sure Crash would be talking the same way if it happened to DJ now. lol. Your last line gives it away. You enjoy touch football instead of tackle. It's all part of the game. Similar plays happen all game and will not be stopped because if you outlaw this play you have to quit the cutblock (Ruins knees) and heck hard hits to the chest can stop the heart so lets just play the game like the Europeans play their football and dive when they are touched.

How do you tear your ACL and MCL on that play?? His knees didn't have anything to do with the play :?

WOW !! This thread, in a NUTSHELL, really shows those who KNOW football, and those who DON'T !!

oski, and woody - can I have a BINGO !!!


And his EXIT from the field was an ABYSMAL, CLASSLESS display ... If it was MY decision - Anderson would have been on the first BUS to Idaho this morning.

For some in here that DON'T GET IT (as USUAL) - SUPLEXING is NOT FOOTBALL. There is something called FORM TACKLING - you would think a PRO would have it mastered by now.

No matter what - Anderson SHOULD be on a TIGHT, SHORT leash from this point forward ...


Again, watching Hitchcock hit Tyree Davis so hard with a CLEAN hit that he was twitching in his own puke seems to escape your "Suplex or Flag Football" paradigm.

Cutblocks? Different debate. Different hemisphere of the body. Different order of magnitude in the "eating through a tube" rubric of career-ending injuries.

Slamming someone headfirst into concrete via suplex is not the same deal. It isn't a debate about the shade of orange in a jumpsuit that somebody might have to wear one day if that manoeuvre isn't eradicated from the game tout de suite.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thats what the papers are reporting and it had to have happend on that play.

frick you people piss me off how can you cheer for a guy who puposely injured an opposing player, Jamie Stoddard got a concussion and did not return, but whatever when you are a ti cat fan there arent very many things to cheer for these days so have your fun ti cats ARE A DISGRACE!

well this so called ''disgrace'' killed your blue bombers

and wats up with u bomber fans comign onto our chat forum and telling us how were so ''stupid'' to cheer for the ticats?

There is an involuntary landing issue of the human ten-pin when one really thinks hard about it. It involves the legs beginning connected to the same skeletal structure as said ragdoll. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Lol, at least when I watched the play he landed clean but I could be wrong. It is unfortunate that he got injured like that but I still don't think Anderson should get ejected or suspended.

whats with all the ticat fans in our forum huh? go look defence and sack attack have been there regularly today

You lose 5 games and you have to rub it in when you win the first game eh :smiley:

and were defense and sack attack making posts saying ur team was a disgrace and saying that u people piss them off?

also their was a bomber fan on here last night saying how the city of hamilton was a disgrace and how we were idiots because we were so happy because our team won and we only won because of jesse lumsden and our team sucks

From Kirk Penton, Winnipeg Sun:

" DEJA VU: For the second time in three weeks, a Bomber player got slammed to the turf several seconds after his forward motion had been stopped.

This time, however, the culprit got tossed from the game, and the Bomber suffered an injury Ticats cornerback Dwight Anderson picked up Bombers slotback Jamie Stoddard and slammed him to the turf after the latter had made a reception near midfield.

The officials gathered and tossed Anderson, who had been jawing with several Bombers all game long, from the game.

Stoddard suffered either an MCL or ACL injury to his right knee and could be out of the lineup for a while.

Two weeks ago in Montreal, Alouettes linebacker Diamond Ferri did the same to Bombers tailback Charles Roberts but only received a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness."

[url=http://winnipegsun.com/Sports/Columnists/Penton_Kirk/2007/08/04/4393148-sun.html]http://winnipegsun.com/Sports/Columnist ... 8-sun.html[/url]

Oski Wee Wee,

This play will be shown on replays ,most likely tonight in the CBC game from Edmonton(?)

If not then next week on TSN's "off the record"(?)

At some point it will be replayed and you'll think again ,....it was dangerous and appeared to be an attempt to injure .