Dwight Anderson

He is officially my favorite player. How he got thrown out is beyond me. That was some incredible athleticism my him to throw Stoddard which I think pumped up the team and crowd and that play really solidified the win in my mind. He also kicked in the clutch when he knocked the ball from brazzel.

Go Anderson!!! :rockin:

the call was ridiculous....i have done that in highschool football and the most i got was a warning

that was bullsh** when he got thrown out

when we faced toronto earlier this season..adriano belli kicked a ref but didnt get thrown out

and then later in the game kyries hebert hits pascal cheron(i think it was him) to the ground like 10 seconds after the play was over and didnt get thrown out

that is just stupid


Pretty lame officiating again. Anderson gets ejected when he should have had a roughing penalty while Hebert gets the roughing penalty when I feel he should have been ejected.

Suplexing ANY player after the whistle has blown is stupid!

I do believe is is fineable by the league and a case of unnecessary roughness. The ejection aspect is debatable, but the fact it was over the line isn't, IMHO.

The guy has a lot of potential, but he has to screw his head on tighter sometimes.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm not gonna say he is my favourite but i definatly like his emotion in the game and his hard nosed playing. He definatly shouldn't have been thrown out of the game that was a finnished tackle that should have been unnecessary roughness at the most.

What was odd was that Anderson got 25 yd penalty and a game suspension , while hebert only gets 15 yd penalty for a play way after the whistle ( and doesnt get kicked out ????) the refs suck !

I was at the game.

Stoddard refused to go down, and the whistle wasn't blown until Anderson had already picked Stoddard up in the air to "put him down." What's Anderson supposed to do? Stop tackling Stoddard in mid-tackle?

A pathetic penalty call. And the ejection was just ridiculous. This is football, not tennis.

Yes the refs should have given themselves a penalty for a verrry late whistle. At least bad calls went both ways tonight for a change.

Yeah the ref was actually pretty decent today.

yeah, I didn't get that ejection at all....hard to hear over the crowd booing, but I hope the fans down in 21, 22 gave him a nice (typical) salute to our booted soldiers!!!

agreed oski...the play was dangerous because he was almost thrown on his head and could have easily been seriously injured...he could have made the tackle to the ground without suplexing him over his head...BUT this should not have been an ejection, 15 yarder max, same thing happened to Roberts a couple of weeks ago and there was no ejection...so why do they change their minds about this now? To me it seems like the refs have no balance in their calls and I think that something should be done, a fine against anderson will most likely come now but it shouldn't be a lot because he already missed out on half the game he should have still been playing in!

Anderson's actions were far more likely to cause injury than Hebert's.

Anderson is an amazing player and a real crowd pumper, every time he was on my side, he kept putting his arms up in the arm to get us pumped up.

As for the call, very questionable, but definitely shouldn't have resulted in Anderson getting thrown out.

are you kidding?? are you that ignorent not to see that was an intent to injure and Stoddard did get injuried which is why he got thrown out. Ticats are offically the classless team in the CFL right now, enjoy last place ticat fans!

kyries shoved Pascal and he deserved it! and he didnt get injuried, which is why kryies didnt get thrown out. maybe you should learn about football before you post a comment like that..

I agree with Oski that the anderson play was uncalled for. That kind of tackle can cause serious injury -- and whether or not it was before the whistle wasn't the issue.

Glad it got the crowd pumped though.

Hope Stoddard is OK.

this is what happened on that play. stoddard's forward progress was stopped, whistle blew and he (anderson) still decided to try and injure him, success it worked and stoddard did get injuried. which is why i believe he got thrown out, but why act like a clown and celebrate getting thrown out.. sure it may have been an attempt to pump up the crowd, but to others it really shows how classless the tiget cat organation really is.

I should amend what I stated: suplexing ANY player at ANY time is wrong, not just after the whistle as I cited earlier.

I could see if a player was pushed hard to the turf, flipped by momentum, etc...then it becomes a question of intent. However, the acts of suplexing or otherwise picking up an opponent for the purposes of slamming them is absolutely beyond the pale.

I can recall the Darryl Stingley incident to this day and that was on the basis of a clean but brutal hit by Jack Tatum in a PRESEASON NFL game. There have been too many players paralyzed in this sport through collisions by the rules for some third-rate WWE cribbing to render someone a vegetable.

I really hope the message is sent ASAP that this isn't on. Someone is going to be crippled if the league isn't careful.

Oski Wee Wee,