Dwight Anderson vs Richie Incognito

I'm sure everyone's heard by now the story of Miami OG Richie Incognito bullying fellow lineman and teammate OT Jonathan Martin. Former LB Bart Scott had a great interview on ESPN radio today and called out Incognito for what he is - - a fake tough guy.

Really interesting to hear about an incident involving Incognito and Rider CB Dwight Anderson...

That doesn’t mean Incognito didn’t have his share of run-ins with teammates and even the fans. During one 2006 training camp practice, Incognito got into a pretty serious altercation with little-known cornerback Dwight Anderson. The 6-foot-3, 320-pound Incognito and generously listed 5-10, 180-pound Anderson twice had to be separated before Anderson was taken to the locker room to cool down. [url=http://espn.go.com/blog/st-louis-rams/post/_/id/2733/revisiting-incognito-and-the-rams]http://espn.go.com/blog/st-louis-rams/p ... d-the-rams[/url]
I'm not the biggest DA fan and don't always appreciate his costly antics on the field, but I can guarantee there's absolutely ZERO chance of DA ever being bullied by a puss like Incognito. Notice in the article it mentions DA was the one who had to be removed - - not Incognito. Likely because DA would have stomped on the guy.

Yeah and then Incognito went to the St. Louis Rams to get kicked off the team for an open disagreement with a coach in 2009, when he was voted the "Dirtiest Player" by NFL players!

What an absolutely disgusting and embarrassing series of events, not a mere episode mind you, not only for the Dolphins but for the NFL in today's workplace after all the progress over the years!

What I heard this morning via ESPN and former players Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, and Cris Carter sent me through the roof and though these are seriously tough dudes, make me feel for anyone being bullied in the workplace anywhere ...well beyond natural hazing to deliver racist comments, threats of beastly behaviour, and even "I'll kill you" as is a direct a violent threat as one will ever hear and in no way stated in a joking, laughing, jovial fashion.

I bet Incognito said something along those lines to Anderson to set him off and rightly so. Like Martin how many of us could keep our wits about us for long after attempting to report the matter to a supervisor at least once for deliberate handling as it was not in Miami.

No doubt I weigh in at work or in many situations in which I see someone bullied. Whenever I have, it was the right decision too. Hell I would have jumped in there with Anderson with a weapon or something if others were not around to separate us -- size difference be damned.

It's just not anywhere near appropriate and the coaches are responsible in this too and are rightfully being called out in the Dolphins organisation.

After two racial incidents this year, with this one well beyond the matter of Riley Cooper, the NFL will weigh in heavily too.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/11/04/incognitos-infamy-grows-with-threatening-racist-voicemail]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/11/04/in ... -voicemail[/url]

This Incognito character is a real piece of work....sounds like the dude needs serious therapy,unbelievable that he's lasted as long as he has in the NFL. The only thing missing from this guy is a white sheet over his head and a burning cross :x :thdn: This guy is a total piece of horse CRAP!!!!

Where were the rest of his team mates? It's pretty sad that Jonathan Martin's only choice was to walk away from his team. You would think others would back him up. This story is said in more ways than one.

It would be interesting to hear DA's take on the recent events... I bet it could be an interesting sound bite

It’s pathetic that this could have gone on for so long. His career is over, who would want him on thier team. I hope he ends up cutting grass cause he shouldn’t be around anyone at any work place.