Dwight Anderson traded to Toronto

Looks like "the mouth of the south" has once again worn out his welcome,as his shelf life with most teams is approx 2 years before he gets shipped out of town and he seems to wears out his welcome where ever he goes.The Argos will be team number 5 for Anderson,all he needs is stops in Edmonton,Winnipeg,B.C and expansion Ottawa to complete the circuit.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/argos-acquire-dwight-anderson-in-trade-with-riders]http://www.cfl.ca/article/argos-acquire ... ith-riders[/url]

Hey, the man has Grey Cup rings with two different teams (Calgary and Saskatchewan). So he's well-traveled, but he's also been a winner...

Nobody can argue with is "on-field" performance.

Bit of a yo-yo when he plays, sometimes up, sometimes down. He's been mostly down this year, maybe the trade will wake him up and he rebounds. Hard to wonder why the Argos would bring him in after exposing him a bit just a couple days earlier. I think he was mainly brought in for his experience given how much the Argos had to retool the D from the offseason changes. Wonder why they didn't got after Kory Banks, I hear he's available :lol:

Banks could be the next guy to show up in a Toronto uniform given time.

After watching Darian Durant attempt to make a tackle on the final pick 6 on Saturday, I think the Riders figure they can convert him into a two way player to replace Anderson on defence. They just have to convince him not to close his eyes when attempting to tackle somebody.


Not surprised. Dwight Anderson has a lot of baggage. Wasn't he one of the players involved in a late night brawl at a Regina nightclub last year?

Also, DA apparently got into a beef with John Chick at the Rider bench during the Argo game. It ended with Anderson heaving a water bottle at Chick. At least this is what I read at a Rider fan forum.

[url=http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthread.php?124389-Dwight-Anderson-traded/page3]http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthre ... aded/page3[/url]

He was but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Taj Smith is the only player facing charges now, I believe.

Yikes. The wheels of justice turn slowly, I guess. Hard to believe it's a year later and the case isn't settled. Thanks for the update eskfan.

It is too bad. Anderson is a great player, but finds trouble. His on field antics had been stemmed for the most part since his explosion at the beginning of 2013...Still cocky and lippy, but seemed to know when to back off. It was the stuff on the sidelines that went too far. I get he is an emotional guy and where's that on his sleeve...heck, he is pretty good about manning up and apologizing after even, but there can only be so much that can be tolerated, and he is running out of placed to play. Would have been interesting to see him as an Al...him and Johnson lol

He was an AL...Trestman ordered him off the field in practice. Banned him for awhile but insisted there was no issue :?

Yeah, I know...just saying he and Johnson could be an interesting dynamic.

Seems typical for Barker. Since the 2011 season he has seemed determined to sabotage the team. First Khalif Mitchell, then Shea Emery now Anderson. Some players are just not good enough to make up for their own egos and idiocy. I guess it has never occurred to Barker to ask himself why these teams let these players go.

The Argo defense is a disaster this season that looked last week like it was at least headed in the right direction. This trade says the exact opposite. Get ready Argo fans (if there are any out there), no playoffs in Argoland this year and hopefully it finally spells the end of the Barker/Millanovich era.