Dwight Anderson traded to Arblows

CFL headcase traded again.
For a conditional pick.

What has he done now?

I just started a thread on the "mouth of the south" and the trade on the main forum.It seems like Anderson's shelf life is approx 2 years with any team before he wears out his welcome.Toronto will be stop #5 for Dwight in his CFL career.All he needs is stops in Edmonton,Winnipeg,B.C. and Ottawa to complete the circuit.Never liked him when he played here and still don't like him 4 teams later. :thdn:

If you get know Dwight he nice guy

He was on meds for Mental Issues when was in Hamilton

He a good for kid who just needs to think once in while

Teams will take a chance on him because he can play and he wins. Two GCs so far. The Argos got an all-star db for a 2nd round draft pick. They just got better.

An Argo-Cat fan

As much as I agree with most fans and dislike Dwight Anderson he does come to play every game and will do the same I'm sure while in Toronto, hey Toronto has a winning team and good coaching they beat up Regina and Regina beat up on us!

He got in a fight with John Chick on the sideline during the Arblows game. He is a cancer everywhere he goes !

Yup,that’s the scuttlebutt over in the Rider forum,apparently sometime during the game against the Blows,Mental Case Dwight blew a gasket on the sidelines and got into it with Foley and Chick,screaming and yelling escalated and the end result was apparently Anderson airmailed a water bottle at Chick’s head.

http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=90703 Rider forum-posts 3,4,5

Anderson has gotten lucky in his career and has happened to be on teams that have won the Cup,when you wear out your welcome as much as he has in his career and played for so many teams like Ray Lewis once said and I quote “even a blind cat finds a meal once in awhile”.IMO the Argos didn’t just get better all they got was a King size headache that will hopefully be a major distraction on their team and a royal pain in the arse for the Blows organization.

What a surprise ,he was on meds!!!Another surprise…for Mental Issues :roll:
The guy is a loose cannon,and has alienated himself everywhere he’s played,the Arblows can have him,he’ll fit right in over there :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck to them and their new found PITA Boy.Before anyone asks and maybe not sure PITA is short for
Pain In The Ass :cowboy:

Robofan209 is right! Dwight Anderson has mental issues and he is being treated for them. I realize he is a distraction on every team he plays for, but a little compassion please. :expressionless:


I apologize,I’m sorry that Mr Anderson has mental issues and is being treated for them :roll: I hope he gets well soon :wink:and
I certainly hope he becomes a major league distraction for the Blows!!! :slight_smile:

I hope you or someone who love never has to face the struggle of a serious mental issue. Besides the issue itself, the stigma, reinforced exactly by comments like yours, is crushing for people who are doing the best in a difficult situation. A bit more compassion, please.

Dwight has suffered through things in his life that we couldn't even imagine living through in our worst nightmares. I loved Dwight when he played here. He was a hot-head, but he was a great guy and was always very sweet and friendly to my kids. I was sad to see him go. I don't always like his antics, but he can play football. As for his mental health issues, I wish people were a little more compassionate about those issues. It is not easy living with them and judgemental and mean-spirited people make it much worse. They don't excuse his bad behaviour, but give us a little insight into his state of mind. I'm most sad because now I have to actively hate Dwight because he's a blue teamer. I wish him all the best on a personal level and hope he never wins another game :wink:

Please show some respect for people with who suffer with a mental disorder

[b]One in five adult Canadians (21.3 percent) will suffer a mental disorder in their lives This figure translates into 4.5 million people. 1 Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common. Approximately 2.5 million Canadian adults or over 10% of the population 18 and older will have a depressive disorder. (1, 4)

All disorders 21%. Percentages will not total, as many people have symptoms in more than one category. Source: Bland et al, University of Alberta[/b]

I’ve had PTSD and Panic disorder for years and learn how to live with it

with Help from great dr’s Mental health is nothing to laugh about

Dwight deserves our Compassion and Respect
He dose pretty good on field and he great guy
I am friend and fan of him …

If you get to know anyone you can perceive them as a nice person right. “EXAGGERATION ALERT” I mean, even Hitler had friends… You cant act like he does and get a pass cause of your mental issues.

And playing football really doesnt seem like it would be a great treatment for mental issues probably be a very dangerous unadvised mix.

Hate tell this but He is not only football player or Famous Person who has a Mental Issue
It’s more common then you think
I admire anyone who fights threw Illness and he is fighter
You may not like him but have to Give the devil his due.
comparing him to Hitler is an insult to all of who have mental problems

Robofan209 aka Onknight aka Tom please accept my sincerest apologies,although you quoted Rocky123, I believe you meant to quote me instead.I didn’t mean to insult or upset anybody in here,and didn’t think about if anyone in this thread was effected by mental illness.In my defence though I had no idea about Anderson’s condition until I read your post

In closing this out though,it’s great that Dwight and you are buddies and that you are a fan of his,and that you feel he is a pretty good ball player and all that but when it comes to Anderson,although unlike you I’ve never met the man,I’m not a fan nor have I ever been a fan of his as his loose cannon way of doings things and his hotdog style of play have never endeared me to him as I’ve never cared for players who are me first kinda guys,which I feel Anderson is.So once again my apologies if I offended anybody in here,that was never my intentions as I was just playing on the reputation that Anderson has around the league and by many fans perceptions of him in the league,that although he maybe a decent ball player the reasons he has bounced around so much from team to team is he seems to wear out his welcome wherever he goes because of his violate tendencies like throwing water bottles at team mates heads and getting selfish penalties due to his at times selfish style of play he exhibits.

Yes lots of famous people have mental issues. has nothing to do with anything i said but yes thats right. Remember your the one who brought up him having mental issues, it was really a bizarre post and it sounded like you were trying to use his mental issues to defend him. Im saying it doesnt matter why he acts the way he does he just cant keep doing it and expect fans/coaches/management to be ok with it and think of him as a good guy.

When you repeatedly fight with teammates and throw stuff at them, you gouge someones eye with your finger, your known around the league as a dirty player and cant keep a job with any team for more than 2 years sometimes its not a mental issue sometimes your just a d#ck!

Everyone has flaws face if we where perfect the world would be boring
I agree He mad some huge Errors in Judgement But who has not .
Dwight like everyone is human and makes mistakes
Cause he is pro football Player it’s magnified 150%

I am sure he knows this .
He is very bright

drgonzo I disagree He’ misunderstood but we’ll never agree
Let just agree to disagree on him

When I was having major Issues with PTSD
he was there for me and he helped learn cope with it
He my friend and I will Stick up for him till end of time…
He’s made mistakes but friends stick by you even when make a bone head move.

forget this PC crap...D.A. is an A$$..
Every single player , coach and fan knows it.

Call it like it is.

He is nothing but trouble and his antics on the field are a disgrace to the league.