Dwight Anderson Takes a Shot at Tigertown

I was just doing a quick tour of the Stampeders’ website to see how JoJuan and Dwight were doing and I discovered a blog that Mr. Anderson was posting on their site.

Here is an excerpt from Dwight’s June 19th blog:

[i]"The past two weeks, it’s been hectic, new coaching staff, everyone trying to get everything down pat. We got lots of players out here with lots of talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball where I play. There’s competition everyday so you gotta come to work, but you have to love it, you have to accept the competition.

I’ve been out here for the last couple weeks away from my wife and my kids, but this is my job so they understand. Everyday, I go home and talk to them and they keep me motivated to be out here and that’s a plus. I’ve got people in the background and I got my teammates and the coaching staff, which is great. Calgary is a great city, a lot better than I’ve experienced in the CFL."[/i]

Ouch !! Is Mr. Anderson suggesting that Tigertown doesn’t stack up very well against Cowtown . . . ??Dwight doesn’t make his return visit to Hamilton until Friday October 24th (assuming that he can keep his job until then!!) In order to keep his job, I hope the “people in the background” include a sports psychologist . . . !!

Sorry Justdewey, but what else is he going to say? Anderson writes this blog for the Calgary Fans, so basically he is going to tell them what they want to hear. Also keep in mind that the coaches of Calgary could read that at anytime so if he said something along the lines of “Hamilton is a much better city than Calgary” he could be out of calgary very quickly!

For 2 years in a row Dwight Anderson has beaten out
all the competiton at cornerback in a CFL Training Camp.

Just as I expected.

Most careful observers whose judgement wasn't clouded
by his antics and a few early season rookie mistakes
could see that he was and is a very talented player.

I am glad for him. I hope he loves Calgary.

He is a fun-loving guy to be around

We all know he lost it a few times
in the heat of competition here.

He didn't show proper respect for his coaches.

When Charlie sent him home, it was
the best lesson he could have had.

I hope he has learned this lesson
and some day thanks Charlie for it.

Are you surprised that last year was not a good experience?

I'm with Ron on this one, and I was harshly critical of Dwight's antics last year; even support us letting him go. It was never about talent, and only time will tell if he can keep his cool and learn from his mistakes. But it's very sad when we see "fans" salivating at the thought that he will fail. He's not an axe murderer. Just a competitive guy who couldn't keep his emotions in check during a very tough year. Professional ball players have to learn to do that. There was nothing in that quote that anyone in Tigertown should be offended with. Sport can birng out the worst in players...fans too...

Well said, Ron. Dwight has talent and passion. What he didn't have was self-control and I can cut him some slack for that based on the train wreck last year.

I don't think he took a shot at us at all. He's in Calgary now (as mentioned above) what is he going to say?? I can tell you that Dwight had nothing but good things to say about the city and the fans and even defended the coaching staff and the players here.

I was sad to see Dwight go and wish him all the best (except against us). I still believe Dwight will be an All-Star in this league.

It's not like he mocked the oskee wee wee or anything. :wink:


I’ll cheer against Dwight when he visits IW, and hope he plays the worst game of his career, for no rational reason other than that he’s wearing a different team’s uni.

I’m sure his mom’s nice, though. :wink:

He in no way directly insults anywhere or anyone.. whats your problem?? I don't get it. Trying to make drama?

Yes he's a good player. I'm sorry they couldn't keep him here. He just needs some maturity and maybe he has matured during the offseason. Besides that there's nothing wrong with what he said, in my opinion. I don't think i was a "shot" at Hamilton either. He said it is nicer than the other cities in the CFL. No biggie. And to tell you the truth, it is a nicer city than Hamilton. One thing I've never known hamilton for was being a beautiful city.

As a Mac graduate from Port Dover now living in Calgary.....I for one can say that for all the great things about Calgary, I miss Hamilton dearly.

Right on man!

I moved to Vancouver in 2003 and hate that I can't be a Ti-Cats season ticket holder any longer. I do always go to the one game the Cats play here each year. Better than nothing.

I have to say that I like Vancouver weather a lot more but I do always miss the Cats and the Hammer.

"Calgary is a great city, a lot better than I’ve experienced in the CFL"
Dwight has been to every CFL city in Canada, some more than once. Who knows which cities he is actually referring to and who really cares. What's he suppose to say? Now,let him try to buy a house in Calgary, Toronto, or Montreal. I think you know what I mean. BTW, if you're feeling a bit insecure to the fact Hamilton has seen as a predominantly industrial polluted city....... we know we're not, but it keeps the snobs out.

But it's very sad when we see "fans" salivating at the thought that he will fail.
I'm a Tiger-Cat fan, not a Dwight fan. If he couldn't get his act together to play well here, then I just may chuckle a little when he can't do the same in Calgary. If he does great, all the power to him.

That was a shot? Hamiltonians don't even raise an eyebrow to something that meek.

Talent? Anderson's talent last year was attracting receptions. I don't think he would get an invitation to the next reality show, "So you think you can cover a basic passing play?" I'm sure every opposition QB's half-time adjustment lecture went something like this: "and if in doubt, just put it up to Anderson's side of the field."

But as someone else said, I'm sure his Mom is nice.