Dwight Anderson Released?!

I was looking at the roster, and i realized that Dwight was not on it. Has he been released?

He was suspended
We still hold his right I Believe

Much as I'd love to see him back here, I don't know how likely it is. I don't know if we'll see Rads back either and I'm really not very happy about that.

I don't want Anderson back. He was a liability

A la Adriano Belli...Dwight Anderson could be counted on for one "Major Foul" per game. Always (it seemed) at the most crucial point of our games...especially earlier on in the season when this team was still fighting to find an identity.

15 yards here, 15 yards there...all when we were forcing a team to go three and out or make them second and long. his repetitive pattern is what caused Armour to challenge him on the sidelines and apparently, Anderson doesn't like being challenged by one of the leaders of this team...or the coach.

I say good-bye. His ability isn't worth putting up with the hassle of waiting for his next costly melt-down.

Yep, never liked this guy. I hope he is gone.

Exactly. Unless he can demonstrate he's grown up and learned something from last year no point in bringing him back.
Yes, he made plays but that's only through the law of averages. QBs threw to his side from the start and never stopped.
The sign of a good corner/DB is when you're seldom tested in a game.

I think part of last year's "project" was to get these guys some playing time.

Id bring him back with hopes that with the proper structure and system he will flourish.

There’s no denying the fact that Dwight has the physical ability to get the job done. If he keeps himself in check and rises above the pettiness on the field, he’ll be more than worth the investment.

He sure is athletically gifted and so quick.

You want guys who are confident
and play with strong emotions.

Let's see if he learned his lesson

and demonstrates at training camp
that he will keep it under control.

He's definitely worth another look, but in a controlled environment with a good supporting cast.

What is a controlled environment in a fast-paced, emotional, rough and tumble sport like football?

If and when he returns...it better be a completely new athlete...one that got him here in the first place.

100% correct.... And we can thank that moron Taffe for both players departure....

the guy cared that we were junk and wanted to fix it so he got hot headed, bring him back we cant be any worse with him. he did win us a game

He needs a DC with a clue and a second chance, IMHO. It’s far too early to kick this guy to the curb. I might not have liked his suplexing talents between the sidelines, but I do believe that he is someone the team can buy into the right system and develop into an excellent CB.

The issue is whether he can do that. Controlled aggression is what we need, not flag-fuelling reaction from the zebras!

Oski New Year,

see i loved that... it was between the sidelines and between the whistles... dood wouldn't go down so dwight brought him down.

I could not agree more…