Dwight Anderson Quote

Told ya!

Still suck, couldn't happen to a nicer team.

I agree with all the smack talk that most Stamp fans were spouting off it makes the victory so much sweeter. It will be hard not to rub their noses in it big time but will try to hold off from a full blown beat down until after the game next week. If the Riders win then the Stamps fans will get it with both barrels. :cowboy:

what the heck was this quote he made anyways? I don't recall anything that was really headline worthy...

After the last game...he said we're still the better team, Calgary sucks

Such a classy guy. :cowboy:

One thing I like about Dwight is he's a straight shooter. States the obvious

Yes, most 14 win teams suck. Anderson is a prick, no way around it.

The 2013 Stamps reminded me a lot of the 2008 Riders, where injuries eventually just became too much.

I don't care if he's a prick or not as long as he gets the job done that's all that matters.

We had Michael Bishop at the helm, we were doomed from the get go.

I agree, he has kept his cool and has played hard and made the plays when needed. Can't fault the trash talker for that. That's what makes him tick so be it. As long as he keeps his cool on the field by not taking stupid penalties he can say all he wants.!! JMO

I've never said Anderson isn't talented or a potential game changer...but people get pissy about some of Cornish's comments, and Anderson is in the same realm.

Anderson is playing for the Grey cup Cornish isn't. I agree he can go over board and they must have had a gag order on the team before yesterdays game which was good. No need to give the opposition even more incentive to play harder. Still with the hit he laid on the BC receiver and he had a solid game yesterday he does show he comes to play.

They did have a gag order on, and whatever fire they lit under this team worked. They were intense and disciplined with a on the money QB and dominant line...a great combination

In Calgary we had stellar DB coverage inside, Maze and Dwight. Calgary went after our corners and had success. If receivers didn;t fumble they had some hefty gains and were in scoring position.

Andy Fantuz was stellar agaisnt the Argos. He was Hanks guy all day. I think he had 9-10 catches. dwight and Maze are locked on him all day. That is a big matchup.

Our corners will get picked on. Austin will see these matchups and will give this a go. My opinion. The weather will be different for Henry. he goes from throwing under a roof to cold rock hard footballs. But the Stamps tried it with success and so will the Cats. Jackson and Williams need to be ready ready ready. Brackenridge as well.

I was actually going to, and likely still will, comment about the deep ball concern on the GD thread. The Riders have actually been pretty bad at giving up the big play a lot this season. The Stamps had a couple big ones...one was a TD others were fumbles...take those fumbles away and that game was a lot closer...even if just FGs. Other teams have toyed with the deep ball and had success or simply not connected. The one play (I think to Fuller) against the Stamps scared me a bit, because the DB (sorry, dont recall who) was playing outside (flag route) and there was no safety up the middle. I have seen this a lot this season as Tbrack is pretty agressive moving up. Combine that with Henry's lust for the deep ball, and yeah, it is a concern.

Zone over man with a 6 man blitz.

Actually I was quite surprised by how nice Cornish was post game....even going as far as congratulating the Riders. Although I wouldn't blame him if he flew in to Regina, picked up his award and flew right back out. I wouldn't want to be him in Regina this week. lol

He surprised me too. When Lee Jones was interviewing Sheets after the win, it was Cornish that patted Sheets on the shoulder ass he walked by. Nice congrats by Cornish as that moment played out.


Cornish showed his true colors at the award ceremonies. I've done my best to try turning the cheek on him...no more...he is w/o a shadow of a doubt the biggest POS in the CFL, and my respect level for him is beyond 0. He is one of the extremely few people I can ever say that I have below 0 respect for. I don't care how talented he is, I wish bad things for him after that night.

For those of us who don't know what went on...care to elaborate?