Dwayne Johnson reflects on the CFL's impact on his life

At the end of an eventful day, Dwayne Johnson took a moment to reflect.

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The Rock has a great reputation and is well liked .

But if the CFL had no ratio the Rock would have never been up in Calgary . Buono would not have been the coach . Those conversations would have never happened .

It was those long ago roots that led him here briefly .

Call it a butterfly effect or it's a wonderful life but realize that the league has been sheltered and protected by that domestic appeal and heritage protection .

Not sure the league can remove it's right arm and still survive no matter who it teams up with unless that domestic familiarity remains as a benefit and an anchor to it's existence .

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Say what? 000000000000000000 10 stupid characters

The impact of his life was because of the CFL as it exists with the ratio .

That would not happen if the CFL was not set up the way it was and is today .

he was cut from the practise roster the ratio has nothing to do with the pr an nothing to do with wally being coach

You must not have read the Rock's post or why he said it was the pivot in his life path .

None of that happens if the CFL was not pro Canadian .

Unless your saying the Rock is full of crap with his credit story .

He was cut from the pr....the ratio does not affect the PR regardless of what he says

I believe he was invited to camp because of the connection of his dad being Canadian .

Maybe I am wrong but that's how I read it .

Great but that does not change the fact that he was cut from the PR and the ratio has nothing to do with the PR

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'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson is described as an "American-Canadian Actor" on Wikipedia. Even though he was born in the states, he would've played in CFL as a 'Canadian' since his father (wrestling great 'Rocky' Johnson) was originally from Nova Scotia. With his Canadian connection, Dwayne saw the CFL as an opportunity to get to NFL... which is why he came up to Calgary to half-heartedly play CFL football for coach Wally Buono. It was Buono (who also played in the CFL as a Canadian) who somehow reasoned that Johnson's underwhelming performance meant that his future success lay 'elsewhere' and imparted some badly needed life-skills wisdom. So yes, the Buono-Johnson Saga is an unlikely story that wouldn't have played out had the 'CFL Canadian American Ratio not existed.

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And that has nothing to do with the ratio

If he was an 'American' he wouldn't have made it to the practice roster. As a 'Canadian' he was given every chance to get his head screwed on straight. Wally probably studied Dwayne from every angle before realizing that the guy just can't be motivated to excel at professional football at this time. Maybe it was that 'CFL isn't in the same class as the NFL' mentality that kept Dwayne from succeeding as well as he could have. The time the two of them spent together must've been JUST enough to give Buono the exact right assessment of his failed student and amazingly enough... the exact right advice to impart.

Because he sucked!
And we really don't know if he had Canadian status

I can't find the 1995 Calgary Stampeder's practice squad roster. But according to what I've read so far, a child born to a Canadian citizen outside of Canada is still a Canadian citizen.

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Yes that is true but it does not apply to import rules at the ime

A player will be considered a national player if he was a Canadian citizen at the time of signing his first contract, was classified as a non-import prior to May 31, 2014, or was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to reaching the age of 18.

In the past, a player could be born in Canada and have Canadian citizenship, but not qualify for non-import status if he received his football training outside of Canada. One example would be the sons of some former CFL players, who may have been born in Canada but learned their football in the U.S.

Based on that He would have been considered an import(American)

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The Rock had bad timing After him being cut by Calgary, he got a call for a tryout in Hamilton. He had 7 dollars in his pocket. Not nearly enough for gas to get to Hamilton. So he went home. The 7 dollars is also the name of his production company.

If the Rock had a few more dollars in his pocket. He would've made the trip to Hamilton and made it's roster. He might not have been a successful actor to this day


It really is sliding doors .

One huge injury in Hamilton /Calgary etc and his wrestling career ends before it begins .

No wrestling career no acting career no money to invest .

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Wouldn't that be a kick in the...

It's best it happened the way it did anyway.

And if he had more talent, he would have made Calgary's roster. If he had a lot more talent, he could have been an NFL star.

If the CFL had more fans, we wouldn't be discussing this.

Or as Don Cherry said, "If my aunt had *****, she'd be my uncle." (or something like that)

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If the Rock was playing football, we would never have seen him with his famous catch phrases (Do you smell what the Rock is cooking)among others.

Nor would you ever witness the Monday Night Wars.

Sometimes things work out the way they do for a reason.

And yes I have been a Pro Wrestling, er Sports Entertainment fan since Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC.

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