Dwayne Jarrett

Does anyone in Regina have insights about his decision retire? He was one of these ex-NFL'ers that we expected decent development from?

He arrived late to camp. Missed the rookie camp all together?

Did he have a change of heart. He was signed only 3-4 weeks prior to camp so maybe his heart wasn't in it from the get go?

Maybe competition was better than he thought? You have Moss and #82 Harper, also ex-NFL'ers and many more.

He was hurt, writing was maybe already on the wall?

Career outside of football?

Little bit of a surprise. I'm sure Taman or coach will get questioned about this tonight on the news. Good luck to him and I hope he realized he is no shoe-in. We'll never know but if that is the reason that bodes well for the offense.

Sounds like it was injury related. I think the decision to retire frees up a training camp spot and he retains Rider property if he decides to "un-retire".