Dwaine Carpenter?

I was wonder if Stamps fans know what is going on with Carpenter. The games I watched I though Carpenter played well so I find it odd he is unsigned. Has he stated he isn't coming back up north? Just curious if anyone has any info.

i had heard a long time ago he was weighing his american possibilites. i dotn know if that means back to the nfl, or the new ufl. but it could also be a wage vs salary cap issue. either way i hope he re-signs with the stamps. i am going to keep my eyes ont he web for it.

mystery solved! carpenter resigned with the stamps today, just saw it on TheScore's ticker.

...I'm glad to see Carpenter back, he is a versatile and talented player, happy to see him back with the horseys...

Carpenter is an adequate player, bit dirty though IMO. He likes it rough which is good, he just needs to make sure he doesn't cross the line on the cheap shots.

...I thought Browner rode the edge way more than Carpenter...