We usually talk about this and the lost opportunity after a great Grey Cup, like the 05 thrilling OT.
This to me is still one of the most blatent lost financial and PR opportunities by the league and or individual teams.
During the recent Christmas shopping season, can't recall seeing any inclusive of the old CFL Traditions set of a few years back.
I do remember several years ago NFL Films sent a crew and did a Grey Cup, but it was not sold anywhere that I recall.
We all talk about why the league can't get a video game, which is also much needed. But, what better way then to promote your game by DVD? And while we are at it, why not a CFL specialty channel?
I understand there is a cost invoved to start up and run, but surely to goodness sponsors and speciality channel type fees can offset.
We have to bring the league out from the dark ages, just like merchandising which has improved slightly. But that maybe another thread topic.

The CFL doesn't embrace new ideas that readily, sometimes it seems the league is stuck in the '70s. I don't think they put out DVD's or a video game because they never had to before and things are going swell right now.

I don't understand the lack of foresight by the CFL, they must be loosing big bucks. Here in Aus, the AFL has DVDs of ALL 8 games of a weekend available by the following Tuesday.

The 2004 Grey Cup was put out on DVD I bought it when it came out. That's the only one out as far asI know.

maybe this will change once ctv/tsn starts broadcasting the grey cup games?

It should be part of the annual marketing budget for the league.
In fact, a better idea might have been to include this in the new TV contract, with TSN immediately after the Grey Cup putting out a DVD in time for the Christmas shopping season. Maybe even, putting out an individual team version as well. With them doing all of the games, the production cost would be minimal.

A good marketing idea would be for anyone who buys a ticket for the Grey Cup in the regular way, not from scalpers, you get a DVD of the game for a very nominal fee. You just go to your home teams ticket office and show them the ticket stub. Stuff like this would be very good.

Thats a great idea Earl! I can't figure out why the CBC can't market a DVD for sale. Perhaps if they made money off it, they wouldn't have to "Milk" the tax payers for more tax dollars.

What a novel idea! :roll: :roll:

And how difficult is it to make a DVD? Heck, where I work they tape and make a dvd available of educational speakers talks and they have equipment that only costs around $10,000 I think.
I have the 2004 DVD of the GC and was hoping that this would be an annual thing.
For sure Sportsmen.

It was easy to get the 2005 Grey Cup game. A work aquaintance found me a copy on Whyte street in Edmonton. (Black market) My son found a copy of the 2006 Grey Cup in down town Vancouver. Each one cost me $10.00.

So if the black marketers can produce them why can't CBC?