Why are the Eskimos waisting an import position on a kicker? Particularly one as inconsistant as Duval is.

There are a lot of questions about the Eskimos this season.

That is certainly one of them.

Not sure it's the most serious concern however.

For me, the most serious concern is the defence. In the first half of the last preseason game they just looked so confused out there, not seeming to know even the basics as to which coverage they were in play to play.

Now I know that was only one half of a preseason game,and Stubler's defence may be complex and new to most all of them. . . but it was the second game; they'd all been in training camp; they should know the basics of the playbook by then.

That would be my major concern. . .

Import DL - Julius Williams suffering an elbow injury could/perhaps have something to do with it. However, at this point I agree there are Question marks; MadJack has pointed out the most serious concern.

Duval's "best before date" expired a couple seasons back.

You got that right ! I don't understand why they can't find a Canadian Kicker. Is Fleming still out ?

I agree with the others. If the Eskimos are fortunate enough to make the playoffs, I don't want Duval anywhere near the field.

all the duval haters…surely this is easy…
anyone wanna bet he wont be in the top two scorers in the west.

i say yes

name the price

My preference would be to bring in Eric Wilbur now that Hamilton has made the tough choice to keep Medlock instead. Wilbur can punt, he can chase down the return man, he can run the fakes, and he showed in preseason that he can place-kick outside the 40 as well, which is something IMO Schiavone struggles with.

Damn if Schiavone made it that far and struggles outside the 40 (me beyond about 42-43) now I should try out after I work some more on that part of chasing down the return man, but then again as a punter/kicker when your kick is placed right and and your coverage does not screw it up you should not have to do so. Plus also I can drop kick it far more than 45 yards too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I think Duval is to Chief as Chris Leak is to me but Duval made the team and we'll be fine. Quit jinxing him for our big kicks to come Chief. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about some optimism at least for Duval given the woes of our defence and receivers for which our concerns are the greatest? :roll:

This topic isn't about either of those; it's about Duval. He sucks. Plain and simple. I'd rather kick for the Eskimos, and I've never kicked a football in my life.

There are Question marks about Duval for sure, but now that he is here I'll give him a clean slate. :expressionless: My two cents from what I seen in pre-season; punting into that crazy wind in Regina :thup: did well there. In Edmonton: on two punts that went to the corner, Calgary was inside their 5 yard line and 10 yard line :thup: for that. Our defence didn't hold up and the Stamps got out of trouble, hope to see improvement once the D get on the same page. I was dissapointed on the missed field goal by Duval (5-7 yards wide) has me concerned, but on the otherhand; does the LS, the ball holder and Duval don't have their Sync worked out yet perhaps? On one other punt formation that saw Duval take off with the ball going right but instead did get a decent kick out of it after a couple of bounces. I guess we'll see what happens.

My points is not that Duval is a bad kicker, he is in my opinion a fair kicker. My issue is that he is an import and takes a roster spot away from another import. If we are going to have a "fair" kicker on the roster, I am certain that it would not be difficult to find a "fair" kicker who is Canadian.

I agree with Kristan, Eric Wilbur has a great leg, but he is just as American as Duval. Heck, why not bring Dave Cutler and Hank the Shank out of retirement, at least they won't have any effect on the import ratio.

I'm sure Schiavone can handle both kicking duties and that is an option. Bring in Passaglia to work on Duval's technique.

We dumped Medlock because he's an import,then we get Duval in his place :?
I guess it doesn't matter since if Reed/Tillman were to cut Duval he'd just be brought back next week anyway.
I have no faith in the men running this sideshow.

anyone care to state clearly what they expect a kicker in Edmonton to achieve?

Instead of saying I hate this guy, I should be the kicker etc …lets hear what is reasonably expected.

70%, 80%?
no missed game winners?
90% from 30 yards?

whats your measurement?

Ok, I expect a kicker to be %83.74 or better and not miss anything inside 26 yards.
I expect we've cut kicker's this season that are better than Duval.
I don't expect any losses to be the kicker's fault since if the Offense and Defense do their respective jobs it should not come down to a last second effort.

What is confusing you about what's been written so far on this topic?

:lol: No kidding.

78.86% :cowboy:

just trying to get a sense how you measure success…going forward not belaboring the past. if those are your true responses then so be it.
if you dont have a measiuring stick then i guess its easy to be critical

Do you believe Duval is a better choice than Medlock knowing what you know right now?