Well, congrats are in order to our Als for their 2-1 record, winning for the first time in 9 years in BC.

However, while I will stop short of saying that they "won ugly" in this 16-12 touchdown-less (from the Als' standpoint) win, there are still some concerns about Damon Duval. He missed 2 FGs, and barely made another. His punting seems to be OK, but this is something that the coaching staff will have to monitor. I don't know if they have a team specialist in FG instruction, but they better do something fast; Damon does not look confident out there at this point.

At times, a football game is going to be a defensive struggle and the FG kicker in such cases is often the difference between a W or a L. Damon (or someone else), therefore, will have to be on top of his game.

What say you?

Un bon coach pour Duval : Justin Medlock.

Et si Duval persiste dans la médiocrité, on a juste à inverser les rôles, en disant à Medlock de ne pas écouter son nouveau coach.

Duval a craqué entre les 2 oreilles le 29 novembre 2009 et ne s'en est pas remis.

I completely agree with both of you guys. :thup:

Has the nerve to blame Cahoon and the long-snapper:

The snap and hold on the winning kick, he added, weren't great. "I just thank the man upstairs," Duval said. "This game involves some luck, and I'm fortunate I had it. Those six points could have been huge and a game changer."

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/l ... z0u4kULesO

Not only does he have the nerve to blame the snapper and the holder, he also gives "credit" to the "man upstairs". . . so I'm supposed to believe now that God is an Alouette fan ???

Or was he thanking the 'man upstairs' meaning father in law, for still having his job ?

He said the same b.s. immediately following the Grey Cup win (thanked the 'man upstairs' for allowing him a second chance to kick the winning FG).

Now he's throwing teammates under the bus on top of everything else.

Or was he thanking the 'man upstairs' meaning father in law, for still having his job ?
:lol: :lol: Nice!

I am okay for Medlock, I think. He has good and accurate legs. My dislike is that he seems to be afraid to jump on the ball on botched snap and afraid to tackle the returner when he is the last line of defense.

Now that he is waived by Detroit Lions, is he up for grabs? Or does Argos still have the rights over him? And what about salary caps and import quota?

I've got to agree with you jkm. Duval may be the Al's Achilles heel [foot?] if he isn't more consistent.
I don't follow the Als like I do the Lions. But I know that the Lions won their game against Edmonton with McCallum kicking 6 for 6 so yes the kicker plays a huge role.

Duval missed a field goal, then missed another by bouncing it off the upright. Then he almost missed another by bouncing it off the upright again! Is this guy a qualifier for the 2010 pin ball championships or what? If Duval were intentionally aiming for the uprights then the Als have got a gem of a kicker! lol.

I recall last year that Duval almost handed the Grey Cup to Saskatchewan by missing a do-able 43 yarder. But full marks to him for making good on his second chance at the 33. I'm sure when he missed that first attempt his entire life flashed before his eyes.

The recent Lions/Montreal game could easily have been 22-12 for Montreal which would have been a more convincing win I'm sure.

It wasn't just the missed FG. He was brutal the whole game placekicking and punting. In the first half, he shanked a punt for SEVEN yards, turning a perfectly normal punt into instant FG range for the Riders. Our defense forced Sask into a 2 and out, but the damage was done. Essentially, Duval gave the Riders three points.

In fact, some members here are of the opinion that he's been on a decline since the second half of 2009. Add to that the Grey Cup fiasco and his horrible start to 2010 and we definitely have reason to be concerned.

C'est un point auquel il faut réfléchir, c'est certain. Il est vrai que Duval n'a pas peur d'aller au front pour plaquer celui qui retourne le botté. Mais j'aime mieux un botteur qui plaque moins volonotiers mais qui met le ballon entre les deux poteaux, même de plus loin que 40 verges, qu'un botteur qui en rate un sur deux.

En ce qui concerne son statut, Duval est aussi un "non-canadien". Alors Medlock ou ou Duval, le quota demeure le même.

Only Montreal and Winnipeg have Americans at the FG position. The rest of these kickers are mostly from the CIS. In its history, up until Duval came on the scene, there were Canadians at the FG position. I recall back in the early 70's when Bill Bewley came to the Als from Western, I believe. Don Sweet and Terry Baker were long time Als with the last Canadian being Kellett. The CIS has and, will be the resourse for FG specialists. I was hoping the Als would draft Rob Maver from Guelph but he was snapped up by Calgary. Should he have been available I somehow doubt the Als would have made him number one. There was no competition for Duval in the past few years and, he does appear to be losing his edge.
Looking at the CIS last year, there was no shortage of field goal kickers- Palardy at SM attempted 27 and completed 23. Gelinas at Montreal was 18 out of 19.Scarcelli at Regina was 20 out of 23. Gelinas of Montreal 18 out od 19 and, thee were not all chip shots with FGs of 40 and 45 being common. I can recall another guy- Chris Milo from Laval who hit some long ones. I would like the Als to really scout for the FG position, especially scouting the CIS kickers- we could find a diamond in the rough. It would super to find another Luca Congi from our Canadian universities.

Presently, 3 teams,Montreal,Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have import K/P; furthermore, all 7 other teams have 2 K/P on their active rosters while Montreal has only 1; finally,all these 2 K/P are dressed during games,except in Edmonton and BC.

The fact that we have only 1 K/P on the active and dressed players,enable us to have 1 player that can replace/play on special teams.

Hoping that Damon will correct his mistakes and be with the Als for a long time; if I had to choose or pick a player, the only one I would like,in place of Damon, is Prefontaine.


Richard, crois-tu sérieusement que les Eskimos laisseraient aller Préfontaine?

Moi je crois pas.

C'est sûr que le mieux serait que Duval se réveille et devienne juste un peu meilleur que le Duval d'avant la Coupe Grey 2009. Mais si il continue à gaffer, combien de temps l'équipe pourra-t-elle se permettre de l'attendre?

Ouis, ben j'espère que Duval rit de nous autres en ce moment. Il s'est replacé et a réussi des placements convaincants de 45 et 47 verges. Chapeau!

Mais j'espère qu'il se souviendra de ce qu'il doit faire pour être et demeurer à ce niveau quand l'enjeu est crucial.

en tout cas, c'est une performance qui fait du bien à regarder.

Duval a connu un gros match mais je crois pas avoir lu qu'il est un pas bon. Seulement qu'il n'est pas consistant et que ses performances sous pression sont pas les memes.

Il a garder les Als dans la match par ses placements et degagements hier. Great night for Damon !

Damon did have a great night and full credit to him for finding a way to snap out of his slump and be money from under 50 yards out. But he'll have to put together a string of consistent games before he convinces everyone that he's reliable again. Just like the offense breaking out in the fourth quarter isn't evidence that they're the same unit that terrorized defenses last year.

I wonder if there was a "Damon I know ur my son in law but..." conversation involved. There was a whole new kicker out there yesterday.

Plutôt d'accord, mon ami!

Il lui est arrivé plusieurs fois de foirer quand l'enjeu était important.

On aurait pu dire la même chose de Calvillo pendant quelques années, comme quoi Duval peut encore gagner en solidité entre les deux oreilles. Encore faut-il qu'il y travaille.

I appreciate the comparison to Calvillo. However, Anthony's performance in the second half of the Grey Cup and even in our past three wins constitutes pretty convincing proof that he can raise his game in high-pressure situations.

Depuis quelques parties, Duval semble revenir à son jeu du début de la saison. Ce n'est rien pour rassurer qui que ce soit. Son contrat prend fin cette année, alors j'espère qu'il saura terminer la saison comme un gars qui veut rester, pas comme un gars qui veut s'en aller.