Wow, I can't believe this. Great news that the Eskimos let Duval go but now they sign another import punter. Rediculous! I thought Tillman had some understanding of the CFL but I am beginning to wonder. Like last year, a total waste of an import spot. Time to fire Tillman and replace him with somebody who knows the Canadian game, not someone who used to know the Canadian game.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/esks-add-kicker-subtract-another]http://www.esks.com/article/esks-add-ki ... ct-another[/url]

The difference for 2012; will provide more Quality options and ratio flexibility - Injuries do/may happen.
Edit: Grant Shaw can also play DB.

Wow. Just one month into the year and we already have the most irritional post anyone's going to make. :lol: No way in hell do we fire him over this. :expressionless:

Probably not but can you explain why a rational person would make such an irrational move. Success in this league is dependant on the teams ability to manage the ratio. Hiring an import punter in my opinion is poor ratio management.
Making the same mistake two years in a row makes even less sense.

Just checked out the Duval thread; interesting comments in there that does have Wilbur being mentioned.
For 2012; It's the Eric Wilbur thread, we'll see how this one plays out.... 8)

Maybe he has a sore back again. :lol: :lol:

Money saved.

Duval would have made over $100,000 compared to $85,000 from last year.
Wilbur signed for less than $85,000 is my guess. Other than that; who else is out there?

I'll admit, I don't understand the move. The kicking/punting position has always been a bit of a head-scratcher for me, but I won't call for Tillman's head over it. If Voice of (ironic)Reason thinks he should be fired over this, I'd hate to get his feelings about the Ricky Ray trade. :lol:

I would admit, calling for Tillmans head is a bit over the top. It however is not over the top or unreasonable to expect the GM to make moves that are for the betterment of the team and IMHO, signing an import to handle the punting duties is not good use of resources. The fact that he is just a punter makes this worse, if he at least could handle both duties, we save a roster spot.

As for Ricky Ray, as much as loyalty is a factor, trading a player at the top and arguably on the downward slide of his career, makes sense and is simply good business.

Great to see Wilbur back in the CFL! He is a pretty good kicker and an outstanding punter/kickoff specialist. Should mean extra yards for the Eskimos every time teams exchange possession. :thup:

Ignoring of course the ratio, I would agree with you, but in the CFL you can't ignore the ratio, how you deal with the imports vs non imports is what wins Grey Cups. With the CFL's top punter testing free agency and is a Canadian, I would hope that Mr. Tillman is talking to Burke Dales.

Nada; Eskies have Grant Shaw, thus keep riding the Gravy Train VoiceofReason.

Shaw only averaged 12 fewer yards per punt than Dales last year but maybe your right.

Signed yes But has to MAKE THE THE THE TEAM. Can be CUT CUT CUT any time. Great for practices.COST Zeroooo

Rumblings from twitter and in an article from the Edmonton Journal that the Eskies are in talks somewhat with Burke Dales.

Eric Tillman has to sign some players; so far,it's been marginal. Simeon Rottier is a non-import but not an All-star. Same for Oramasionwu. They definitely lost more than they gained.


I would say there will be a few more signings/releases on the agenda before Training Camp opens; I believe teams go in with 68 players on their roster and as of now the Eskimos are at 66...
As for gain/loss: I'm in a neutral position of sorts on that topic that could/will be open for thoughts in a future thread.

During off-season it's 75 players + previous year's players who went back to school and are back + current year draft choices. The 68 + other exceptions are only when official training camp begins,in early June.June 3rd-

Presently the/my Als are at 73 and could go up to 79 before including this year's draftees.


Looks like the Esks are signing Burke Dales. Maybe Tillman reads this site. :cowboy:

So now we've four kickers...