Duval and Smith

Heard throught he grape vine that Damon Duval Knocked up LArry Smoth's duaghter, and they got married alittle while ago. Good news for the ALs since I guess Daddy-in-law will have Damon around kicking for us for a while to take care of his little girl and grandson/girl. good luck to the both of them.

Herb from MTL Gazette did confirm in an article today that Duval married Smith's daughter.

Damon stated on Jan 11th when he renewed his contract, that he would like to be with the Al's until end of 2007 (option year on contract), and then we would try for NFL.

He did received some offers from NFL teams in the off-season but "rejected" them to come back to the Al's....

I certainly wish the best for the new couple !

Wow that's funny, I didn't know I was pregnant, good to know! I thought Damon and I just got married because we loved eachother, but thanks for clarifying. Hopefully the NFL teams will stops calling and my Dad will keep him around.

This is so wacked...only in Montreal do peeps go into players bedrooms....