Dustin Nielson

What did you all think of him doing play by play.

I thought great job for first reg season game.

Already beats Black and at least as good as CC

Not bad for a rookie. Nowhere near as competent as Cuthbert but a vast improvement over Black. Neilson actually knows what he’s talking about.
Now they need to toss a few more games to Gord Miller.

A refreshing change.

Now if they could just unload the sideline reporters (other than Farhan Lalji). Scianitti and Orlesky are nice enough, but their face time detracts from the game. I didn’t tune in to see pretty people, I’m here to watch football.

I thought he was OK but it seemed awkward between he and Dunigan. Matt seemed unsure when to jump in. I imagine that is just unfamiliarity between the 2.

Hard to fathom for me to think why some would think he is better than CC.

I think he has the potential to be as good as CC. Remember Cuthbert has been doing this for decades, while this was Nielson’s first game.
I’m hoping they bring DN in on a regular basis…hopefully to replace a certain RB…

During the exhibition game he called earlier this year, it was stated that he would be doing five or six regular season games.