Dustin Johnson wins US Open

Congrats to Dustin. I agree with many of the players though that it is a joke that he was penalized on that putt. You ask the player did you cause the ball to move and the player says no and the video is not 100 percent certain. So the USGA determines so what Justin we don't care what you think, we are going to assess you a penalty anyways.

They have to get this one figured out because it was a joke really. Dustin stuck it to them all though with winning by more than enough it didn't matter. But why ask the player if you might change the decision anyways? Weird.

Rory Mciiroy - "amateur hour from USGA". Yup.

[url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/article-3649696/Rory-McIlroy-Jordan-Spieth-slam-USGA-amateur-hour-treatment-Dustin-Johnson-Open-final-round.html]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/a ... round.html[/url]

It really was crazy. Literally the last 7 holes of that tournament were played with everybody not being exactly sure how big Johnson's lead was. Basically not knowing what the score was.

Was he up by two shots or was he up by only one shot with three holes to play. Not knowing that could impact the shot choices he makes and all the players behind him might make. Do they get hyper aggressive - which you would do if down by 2 shots or play it a bit more cautiously if only down by one shot?

They were going to wait until the end and then talk to him about it before deciding whether or not to assess the one shot penalty. So they told all the golfers - including Johnson himself - his score might be this or it might be that. We'll let you know when he finishes.

That is not fair to anybody. Can you imagine that in any other sport.

Hockey for example. A play is ruled a goal in the second period. So a team is up by two. The game continues into the third period and just before the third period starts both teams get told - it might not be a goal. We're looking at some other video now and maybe it was a kicking motion. We'll review it with you at the end of the game. And then they go ahead and play the third period with both teams not knowing whether the goal difference was one or two goals.

That's nuts - and yet essentially that is what happened yesterday. Thankfully Johnson won by 4 strokes, er make that 3 strokes - lol - so it ended up not being a total farce. Although still somewhat of a farce IMO.

Yes and one of the main officials said they determined that DJs actions COULD have caused the ball to move. So they assess a penalty just with a 'could'. Crazy. Like the puck in hockey the ref doesn't actually see the puck fully cross the line but it 'could' have gone over the line therefore a goal. Even hockey doesn't use such nutso logic. Or in football the ball could have touched the line therefore a td even though no ref saw it and inconclusive. No, a good ref doesn't call a td unless he sees the ball touch the goal line.

Good to see the USGA issued an apology for how it handled this situation. Good on them and I think other pro leagues should see that admitting your mistake is the right thing to do in these types of circumstances.

[url=http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/16374733/usga-apologizes-distraction-caused-late-ruling]http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/1637 ... ate-ruling[/url]