Dust Off Those Cleats

I was reading Randy Turners piece in the Wpg Free Press this morning about the open try out camps the Bombers hold down south every year, and Taman is considering holding an open camp in Canada this year.

WooHoo, dust off your cleats boys, you may get a shot at the big time. IMO, these are the kind of events that will continue to draw our young people to the league. We need more of these kinds of opportunities for our Canadian footballers.

i'm so there. even if i get destroyed by some of the guys.

I'll break out my leather helmet! :wink: :wink:

They had helmets when you played!?


I'll be there too fbm, watching on the sidelines that is. :thup:

haha so true. i wish i was good enough to make even the practice roster.

Came in the year before! :wink: :wink:

Before that, we wore watermelons! :wink: :wink: