Durrant sidelined

Suffered a concussion at some point in the game he was never down on the field though so hopefully that is good news.

Don't know what play it was TSN just said that after a hit had gotten a migraine, and they weren't sure what play it happened on. I believe they said he had a concussion on the game wrap up on the radio.

Oh, thats not cool.

It has more to do with having a command of the game. There were a couple of times, that Jyles winged the ball for the sidelines. I suspect because he got the wrong read and couldn't process it fast enough. Instead of throwing the ball for an interception he dumped it. Which is good don't get me wrong, but Durant in his starts appeared to always have the 2nd or 3rd guy in his mind. And was able to go to them.

I will give you that Jyles came in as the 2nd string without as many reps as Durant. Which is a fair argument. But in both of his relieve appearances his he has come in as the 2nd stringer and hasn't looked as comfortable as Durant did in his first as the 3rd string.

Maybe this week he will get all of the starter reps. I don't think the riders can play will Marcus start game this week, if they think they will be starting Jyles give him the full week.

Hamstrings are tricky, but I think MC will be back this week.

Well if Crandell isn’t ready Jyles really impressed me the other night. After throwing that int he settled down and controlled the ball well. He can really sell that play action and made some good throws when he needed too.

I think if Jyles gets more reps in practice he will be able to lead our team.

As for Calgary having the best run defence that may be true but they have yet to play the top two running backs in the league in Cates and Lumsden. I think Cates has shown he can run against any defence.

Go Riders we can beat Calgary and go 6-0