Durrant sidelined

Durrant will probably be out for 4 - 6 weeks w/ 3 broken ribs.


Put JJ and Fantuz on the list

Hopefully JJ will be back next week, will be a while before we see Fantuz again that was a broken or dislocated ankle or broken lower leg. Lets build the list

Crandel (hopefully back next week)
Durrant prob 4-6 weeks
Flick maybe by the end of the season
Fantuz a while at least
Chick few more weeks at least
Johnson ?? Hopefully back next week
Adams ?? Don't know why he was scratched
Dressler couple more weeks I would imagine with the hamstring

Am I missing anyone?

That is 7 starters (8 if you consider Dressler a starter in place of Flick)

Ok do we now go out and pick up another QB? Will be hard to do and not blow the cap. Broken ribs should keep Durrant out no more then 5 - 6 weeks at most ( that means it all counts toward the cap - as ribs are not normally a 9 week heal )

Now question you need at least 3 quarterbacks dressed for a game.

There is already another QB in town Jeremy Young from Southern Miss

Wheres all the Jyles haters?...you guys sold him out and basically ran him outta town on a rail. He played a great game....Cates is a Monster...Hughes should be the starting FB Hands down.

Regardless of who's QBing lets get behind them

5-0 Babeeeee!!!!

I am happy that Jyles settled down but I just don't think he is a starter, to me it doesn't seem that he reads defenses all that well, which is a reflection of the Ints he throws.

BUT I will be very happy if he can step in and get it done.

I would agree Jyles has a long way to go to show he is even as good as Durant.

He managed a respectible game today. But I would hardly call it a great game from the quarterback position.

Cates was outstanding again.

The guy has talent...he lacks seasoning No doubt...Durants Got 3 years of Rider system experience over him... I am EXTREMELY happy we have both of them...If Crandell or Jyles starts lets rally behind them.

A long way? he came off the bench and won the game. :roll:

he had Great game!!! did not get the reps in practise...He threw a bad pick..so what!! Durant threw 2 last game ..Durant won and now so has Jyles.

sorry Dentor I dissagree Jyles didnt look confident he can win yes but two cames he played two broken legs(just kidding!)He did good really good for not having reps but not great give him a week of starter reps and maybe great.

I agree give Jyles a chance to get comfortable with the offense and get some tutelage under Crandel work with Miller and Lapolice he will get there I think because he has the physical gifts to get it done, he just doesn't read defenses all that well and will lock on to receivers at times.

You are entitled to your opinion, You people act like Durant is the second coming...don't get me wrong I love Durant...but to question a QB's confidence after he just won the game.

thats Bizarre

WHEN Jyles faked the camera man out and still completed a Key pass to Hughes that showed me confidence.

Jyles was very shaky in my opinion until mid third quarter where he picked it up and played solid! Really tehre were only a couple throws that were way out there, 2 way overthrown / missed throws, and one interception! He was 14-18 so you can't say he didn't play solid! he made a clutch throw to Hughes as well late in the 4th. I was very impressed today by Jyles.

Coaches adjusted the game for him, we relied on Cates big time, but Jyles played his role to a tee. We gotta be thankful that both coaches and players are so well prepared.

Exactly... just the same way the coaches adjusted the game for Durant after Jyles faltered.

Man I tell you, I am really excited about our QB's atm.

Lets hope Durant is back for the playoff push

Calgary has the best run stop in the league so the riders cannot relie on there running game as much next week. Calgary can be beaten with the deep ball though. I agree that Hughes should be starting.

Durant is the second coming to who? Joseph?
Im excited to Crandel back maybe we will see some more out of our other recievers
and yes the coaches adjusted the game and so they should I feel better to know that Jyles can play and stick to the plan Jyles has potential but no one can start great

Durrant is his own QB, the only thing that I have seen that he is really lacking is a cannon for an arm, hopefully he can work on that, but you can see that he is a very cerebral player and that is a good thing.

He also showed alot today went back in for 2 more series with 3 broken ribs and was about to come back out for the 2nd quarter. Another thing that I really liked was that he came back to the sidelines to help out Jyles after getting back from the Hospital.

I think I am getting a crush on DD LOL

Seriously tho I think he is probably the future if he can manage a game consistently like he has shown he can.

What happened to JJ?