Duron to Toronto

Not surprised, too bad it's not Montreal


Talent-wise yes, but the Als aren't close enough to a Cup contender to risk his personality.

We will see how he does there, hope not good


Maybe he’ll get into it with MBT

They can do like every other team and recruit receivers. They pump out 700 a year out of US colleges.

Carter’s first game with the Argos: 0 catches for (wait for it) 0 yards! :slight_smile:

He was dressed but I don’t think he played much if at all.

7 or 8 plays.

Je ne veux plus de Ducon Rarter chez les Alouettes. Il a fait assez de trouble comme ça, pas besoin d’une troisième vague de problèmes.

Today has the Als and Argos with 6 points (wins). WPeg has 10 points. The TiCats and Redblacks are tied with 12 points. WPeg has ,however played one more game. I believe WPeg might get into a playoff game instead of the Argos and Als, although the WPeg team has played one more game than Mtl and Argos which means another loss by WPeg would hurt their chances but ,our team has one less game played than WPeg.
Next games are with BC, WPeg,Sask, CGY, Tor,Tor Ham.then finals.
The final games with WPeg and 2 Tor would likely be the key to our chances of making a playoff spot.
I am hoping our team will give JF an opportunity to play somewhat in the games to come. Pipkin is our number one QB but JF has only played 1.5 games at QB and his abilities need to be tested. Given this opportunity, he might play as our number two or, perhaps another club would welcome him.

It was mentioned on SportsCentre that he had 2 returns for 11 (or 13) yards