Duron Carter

I first thought there would be no way Trestman would want Carter on his team. Then I read that he coached Duron’s father Chris with the Vikings and seemed to imply Chris had to be reigned in somewhat and became the standout we hear about now.
Maybe the Argos have the inside track. They could sure use a deep threat.

The Argos need Carter if they’re ever going to string some wins together.

Last night you have to give the Als credit as they played desperate football and the rookie QB Pipkin showed he may be their answer to finally replace Cavillo. Don’t know where that leaves Johnny Football though.

Argo receivers just can’t to get open consistently, doesn’t seem to matter who they play. However, the opposing receivers don’t seem to have a problem against the Argo DB’s. Maybe Carter can change that somewhat.
MBT has played fairly well for them but still shows his inexperience at times when the chips are down. Not quite Ricky Ray type there yet.
A couple of questionable interference calls at crucial times changed the game IMO. Also questioned Trestman’s decision to not take the ball at the 35 after Montreal’s last field goal. Bebe has a strong leg and you knew the kickoff would be to the goal line. Quite a gamble IMO hoping Williams could break one again and also half the time the run backs are called back for some perceived discretion. Plus the lost time on the clock.
Now the Argos almost have to take both games from Hamilton coming up to try and grab a playoff birth. Tall task.

Welcome back, Carter (to the CFL)!

So Marc Trestman has already said Carter won’t be playing on Labour Day. You would think the Argos are 6 and 3 with a playoff spot sowed up. It’s not like Carter is new to the League and he has to learn the rules. He’s a wide out who knows the League, knows the opposition. Even if he doesn’t play every down throw him out there part time as he would draw Hamilton’s best CB to cover him and free up SJ Green or Edwards. Let him stretch the field, it would change the complexion of the game. Sometimes Trestman’s offense is too structured. IMO the Argos are going to be hard pressed to beat the TiCats, but at least they have a chance with Carter in the lineup.

I questioned it as well on Argo forum, but some astute posters reminded me that the rule now requires a kickoff after a FG in the final three minutes.

Thanks I didn’t know of that rule.

So stupid that you hold out the top receiver in the league from the back to back games against your rivals with playoff implications. This makes absolutely no sense.

Time to start the chant “we want Carter” if he’s not in uniform September the 8th. :slight_smile:

Starting to sound like Trestman is now open to Duron being on the field Saturday. Probably watching the replay of Monday’s game film had something to do with it. Not hard to figure out MBT didn’t have anybody open on any of the deep passes except Smith one time and he under threw him. But Smith didn’t use his size to go up and fight for the ball either. Carter would have. I’m also starting to wonder if MBT can throw a accurate deep ball consistently. Franklin IMO throws a much more accurate deep ball. Maybe it’s time to start a little rotation. They both need to play at this stage of their careers.

i dont think trestman wanted carter - i think popp and the brain trust did - to allow carter to join the team trestman had to have him sit
anfd that maybe trestman's undoing as argos are now 3-6 and in very real danger of missing the playoffs
gc champs miss playoffs - very embarrassing
trestman get his $600k+ either way - too bad his contract wasn't incentive based

macbeth was 14-29 v hamilton 166yd - shameful - franklin should have been named starter - he has fire in his belly again - i like it !

You could be right on that. Trestman probably has full control on who plays while Popp just finds him the players. But I would think Popp would consult Trestman before actually signing Carter.

It sure looks like Trestman is grudgingly putting Carter on the roster and than not calling his number. The one pass MBT did throw Carter’s direction was impossible to catch. With a game so important for the Argos season and not trying to utilize a talent like Carter, says loud and clear that Trestman has complete control of who plays, and that control comes before winning.
I expect some of the ownership wanted Carter hoping to sell some tickets and we’re seeing a bit of a power struggle battle with Trestman.

Well Trestman allowed Carter to get a couple of short catches tonight. I guess that could be considered progress. I have been trying to remember if McCleod Thompson has ever thrown a good deep ball yet in his seven starts, and can’t recall a good one yet. We know Franklin can throw deep and that may be what it takes to light it up with Carter. But if Trestman is going to stick with MBT through thick and thin maybe Popp should see what there is out there for a Franklin trade this off season.
Trestman has had success in the CFL with Cavillo and then Ray running his short pass offense and setting up the odd home run pass. But the only trouble with that now is that MBT is no Cavillo or Ray.

Fire Trestman. You're telling me it takes a CFL all star a month to adjust to an offence?

Also, short pass offence is for High school football. Not the pros.

I'm sure Carter wants out of this situation. He's just making sure his image is clean once he bounces.

Duron finally gets to show what he can do with Franklin getting a chance again. I still think Franklin is the best CFL type QB on the Argo roster. MBT has backup journeyman written all over him. Good as a relief guy and can do well for short spurts but not consistent enough. Once the defenses figured out he can’t hit the broad side of a barn on his deep throws its game over. If MBT was 25 years old maybe there would be a chance of improvement but at 30 its kind of late to start an apprenticeship that could take a few years IMO. So now they know what they’ve got in MBT. Time to see what Franklin and Prukop can do the rest of the way.

is prukop mobile or just a pocket passer ?

Carter 2 catches for 18 yards against Hamilton. It doesn’t matter who’s at QB its all about coaching and getting Carter involved in the offense.

yep its obvious that trestman doesn’t like carter who is arguably one of the best deep threats in the league
but trestman gets his $600k win or lose and at 3-12 he must be laffing all the way to the bank !
i say hire green as coach for next yr
i saw his great rapport w/ players in 2nd 1/2 of bc game
and he is a leader !

3downation article reprtig whispers that trestman andpopp may not be back next yr
i say fire trestman, archer, eiben
keep popp as long as popp was architect of getting carter
see if o’shea can be head coach of argos

Prukop can run. He plays special teams when dressed and gets down field very quickly. I don’t think he has taken a snap at QB since Trestman has been here. Looked like a deer in the head lights when he got a few snaps three years ago, but should have learned a lot about the League since then.