Duron Carter

Yes, the assigned coverage versus positional coverage was a big step. It is actually something that Jones that he has wanted to implement for a while. He tried in his 2nd or 3rd year in Calgary but it never worked out. assigned coverage complicates the defense a lot. He runs a pretty elaborate system (one of the big reasons many DBs don't work out...they have a lot of assignments to cycle) and going by player assignment means you need to know about times as much assignment wise. He has stated that he has never had the personnel to do it despite desire to. That says a lot in what he has built considering some of his secondaries over the years.

Word is Duron's coming back to offense.

actually, that is 5 words :slight_smile:

He is practicing more on O because Marshall is in the 2 week prep period of his 6...I am thinking he will finish off his final week of it and Carter will be on D for one more week...then return to O against the Stamps with Collaros, but who knows.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Glad to see him back on O.

Wish the Riders could've waited another week tho.

Why would they release Duron?https://www.cfl.ca/2018/08/11/riders-release-receiver-duron-carter/

How wild would it be if they signed TO now?

There was a conflict. Not sure I should say more than that. I know of the conflict, but didn't think it was this bad. I know they flirted with trying to trade him as well. I think if he had no other strikes it would have been fine.

I wouldn't be shocked either way, but this is not related. I know that.

This just out, The Saskatchewan RR's have signed Terrell Owens, he will be starting in the defensive secondary in their next game.

You forgot the winky ? or the sarcasm close “/sarcasm?

Ballsy also tweeted about he heard there was a fight https://twitter.com/ballsy72/status/1028470432901541888

That's cute. I am not going to bother looking, because Ballsy is horrible.

I would assume its a straw that broke the camels back. Duron wears out his welcome everywhere he goes.

As much as I love this guys talent, I can see where he could be a problem, the guy is unhinged and needs to grow up, to bad, he is such a good WR with great hands, to bad his head and ego are as big as Jones. As for jones, I sure hope they don't offer him another stint here, still don't like the guy, loyal to his staff, not so much to his players. It's been a 3 year nightmare in my opinion. The revolving door just keeps spinning. And his ego experiments continue. Reynolds needs to grow a pair, oh right he's as crazy as Jones!! Nuff Said!!

I find it hard to argue against this post.
I can't shake the feeling that there's something 'fundamentally' off with the way the Riders have developed/not developed under Jones that has me concerned for our Franchise. We definitely seem to becoming a CFL joke in some respects imo.
The Riders as long as I've been a fan have never been viewed as a joke.
I'm not liking it.
Go Riders Go

I take it then that you are a young'un, and weren't sentient in the early 1960s. . .

Well been a fan since George Reed was a "young'un", how about you?
Guess I saw it differently, back then as well as now. :wink:

Carter called out the absolute mismanagement of this offence, together with Dunigan, Steigal, Burris, Klimie, Suiter, even Rod Black could see it, and everyone else that has watched this shit show that Jones calls on offence. Good on him. Jones is a lying Trump like wanna be when he says that the coaching staff was evaluated as well as all player positions during the by week. If he wasn't lying then he should be impeached yesterday for failing to see and act on the obvious incompetence of who he has at these positions.