Duron Carter

The experiment at corner should end. I'm sure you could find an average corner who can get beat on a consistent basis if needed AND allow him to help out a woeful offense who has crapped the bed in his absense.

He's way too valuable on o to be used as a average to below average db.


Totally agree, but ego Jones will keep doing it because he's God! Jones is an Idiot, still don't want him here.

How easily he was beat by Williams......Mmmm??????

I think that the vast majority of people knew before that play started he was in trouble...or should have. 1st and 20...clearly a passing down and he is your fastest guy...line up press? Brutal. Carter is capable of becoming a very good DB in time...but this is a perfect example of him being targeted and largely losing the game with that as a major factor. Brutal. Emergency depth in game...great. Starter...no.

My suggestion would be Gainey at corner, Edem at half, and Brouilette at safety until they can find more depth.

My suggestion is they call back one of the multiple guys who looked fine at corner in camp. They gets you through until Marshall is back.

I don`t like Duron. Period. His ego precedes him by a mile and a half. That being said, his ego is more attuned to Defense than Offense. I would rather him on D than on O, just need to teach him a few fundamentals of jamming at the line and not opening the gate. He is a play maker, but i dont like him regardless.

people read way too much into his ego...he is extremely confident...the best athletes are. There is a reason that the players flock to him and emulate his celebrations and such...his teammates love him.

I do agree that Carter could be a great DB...but how much is that going to cost before it pays off?

Right now its dumb on many levels.

He is a liability on an otherwise great defense. He is good lots of the time but he isn't sound and the good receivers can take advantage.

2 his dumb penalties cost more on defense. Him running over Williams was just stupid.

3 young QBs could very much use his skill on offense. We have a great receiving group, but Carter just being out there makes everyone around him better. While our offense is struggling he could be a huge difference maker.

We need him where he makes the biggest impact and thats not at CB. If he played straight CB for the whole season and dedicated all his time to learning it, yea he'd likely be great, he's naturally pretty good at it. But he is already great at WR and thats where he should be..

no argument here

Die hard Alouette fan, here. The Als have made some horrible trades and acquisitions the last3 or4 years, but they have done one thing right. They unloaded Duron Carter. It's not his football ability or talent, that is unquestionable. He's very talented and sometimes exciting to watch. It's his head. This guy has some serious problems, and it does affect the rest of the team. Good luck with him.

Nice try first post ever.

And so we pay him 130,000 plus just to be a substandard cb? Yeah that is a totally brilliant use of talent isn't it. If any other player played as bad at their position they are probably given a road map and an apple.

This isn't Carter's fault though as he is just playing where he is told to play. NO this turd biscuit lands squarely on Jone's plate. There is no way in hell that anyone can convince me that there isn't a cb out there available that could do no worse then Carter has and at half the price. This is a sick freaken joke that should have Reynolds dragging Jones into his office by his fat head and telling him flat out, either fix this situation NOW or we will fix it for you. Yes I realize that Reynolds has no pull as far as player decisions are concern, but he does still have the clout to tell Jones that his performance in the rolls that he holds are not being fulfilled. Any other HC/GM tried this stunt and they would be out the door on their sorry *** in a heartbeat. Now if it was an emergency situation in game that Carter had to fill then that is fine but two weeks later and not one person brought in to even look at to see if our expensive receiver could actually be playing in a position that he actually is very good and getting paid to play at? Nope, instead he is going to be allowed to keep hamstringing not only the offense but also the defense because it's pretty fricken obvious that to compensate for Carter's lack of experience that they will need to help him out in coverage. This of course leaves another spot vulnerable and I'm more then sure Hamilton will be abusing it all game long on Thursday.

What a sad an inexcusable situation this team is in. From poor drafting to poor decisions on FA's and signing bonuses only to cut them in the blink of an eye. I'm so disgusted by the sheer stubbornness of Jones to admit that his almighty genius ideas sometimes don't work.

I'm so sick of this team having to make mass changes on a regular basis all because they give too much power to so few. With Jones wearing multiple caps this has hamstrung the organization from any reasonable means of keeping him in check. Power tends to corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This seems to be the situation we are facing and after the Chamblin debacle you would think the BOD would have learn their lesson. Obviously not. Now we are stuck with the disgusting choice of either put up and shut up or once again gut the whole stinken thing and start yet another rebuild. What a cluster **** this organization has become. With this kind of garbage going on it will not be long before this team is in financial trouble once again. Fans are getting sick and tired of watching Jones the mad scientist conduct his experiments at their expense. No playoffs this year and I can see there being a lot of empty seats in a brand new facility next year. Ring those phones people, ring those phones, the Riders are once again standing hat in hand needing you to bail them out. This time though perhaps those phones will be silent.

Insanity is said to do something the same way time and time again and expect to see different results. Well I guess that would make Jones certifiably insane. The same could be said about the BOD too.

I'm really surprised to see someone out there actually supporting Carter on D.

It's one of the more mind blowing things I've ever seen in pro football.

You mean someone other than the Roughriders' coaching combine/brain trust?


While I would prefer him on O all you have to do is watch the past couple of games to see he has been doing well. Not hard to see.

If the NY Giants put OB Jr. on defense and he played well, it still wouldn't validate them not playing him on offense.

It's almost the same thing with the Riders and Carter.

Carter wanted to play DB. There is a difference. There is also a difference when you get first pick of players in the NFL. DBs in the NFL pre regular season are basically double what they were 3 years ago, making it harder. They could grab someone they know they aren’t keeping or they can just use Carter and pick up domeone they like in a month. I don’t like that they are using him on D but if they truly don’t like what they have brought in, so be it.

Getting him with the right matchups has made a world of difference! And he's obviously putting work in.