Duron Carter

The Ind. Colts have released Duron Carter.


Now if other clubs release Foucoult and Vaughn Martin, if D Carter lands back with the Als, we'd really be in business.

Foucault will stay into practice team

Would absolutely welcome him back, but he may well catch on with another NFL team.

Also released today by the Colts was LB Henoc Muamba, who was a Blue Bomber from 2011-2013.

Not sure we'll see Carter back this season, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see Muamba back in Canada. I wonder if Winnipeg still holds his negotiating rights.

gary lawless ?@garylawless 3h3 hours ago
Agent for former #bombers LB Henoc Muamba has contacted all 9 #cfl teams and wants offers filed by Tuesday #bn

His agent is the infamous Johnathon Hardaway so he won`t come cheap.

26 yr-old NATIONAL linebacker, 2013 all-star, 2014 dressed for 13 games with the Colts, could be a ratio changer (especially if you can sign him for 2-3 years); logical that he would be expensive.

We do not want to get the cart before the horse because there is a procedure called the waiver wire in the NFL. From this point, any player with fewer than four accrued NFL seasons who is released by any team must pass through the waiver system before becoming a free agent. After a player is waived by a team, the rest of the league has a 24-hour window to claim the rights to that player. If multiple teams claim the same player, the club with the highest waiver priority (read worse record) gets him. If a player goes unclaimed, he becomes a free agent eligible to sign with any team he wants. Veteran players with more than 4 years in the league become free agents immediately.

So tomorrow we find out who the free agents are.

Wow, oh wow, he explained the NFL waiver wire to us!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Yes, of course, we'd NEVER heard of the waiver wire before you came along...

Nobody claimed Duron Carter off the waiver wire, so now he is a free agent. Talk has been that Indy was hoping Carter would not be taken so the Colts could put him on their Practice Roster.

Supposedly, Carter is now on or going to be on Indy's Practice Squad.

Not 1 NFL team was interested in a look-see after he was released by the Colts?

As a Practice Roster player, he remains a Free Agent, so any NFL team can claim him at any time by offering him a roster spot and a contract.

Lotsa surprises with this. Somewhat surprised that he was cut, and VERY surprised that no other team grabbed him. My previous thinking about him not returning to the CFL one day is "under review". :roll:

[i]Some news on why he was cut:

"As for what happened Sunday to camp superstar Duron Carter, I can’t make sense of that one either. He’s raw but enormous (6-5, 210 pounds) and enormously gifted – and after no-show performances in the first two preseason games, he caught eight passes for 110 yards in the final two.

Carter’s release in favor of versatile veteran Griff Whalen wasn’t stunning; the Colts, playing poker at the big-boy table, felt they can’t afford to carry a project at receiver. But nobody around the league, not even a lousy team, wanted Carter badly enough to stash him at the end of their 53-man roster? He could spend the season inactive but still valuable, like a savings bond growing interest.

Carter is better than what he got. And Herron deserved better than what he got. Grigson? With a team whose offseason makeover was built entirely on aging veterans and inexperienced rookies, the Colts’ general manager is sitting at that big-boy poker table with a full house: three Grigsons over two Grigsons."

[url=http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2015/09/06/doyel-curious-treatment-boom-herron-duron-carter/71822758/]http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/co ... /71822758/[/url] [url=http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2015/08/25/doyel-practice-phenom-duron-carter-go/32330299/]http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/co ... /32330299/[/url]


Thanks for that, Johnny. I'm somewhat surprised that no NFL team bit on him, given his raw athleticism, size, and skill set. But then, many of the "lousy" teams referred to in that article got that way because their GMs were unable to seize on these types of chances...

Guess the key may be that waiver pickups go straight onto the 53 man roster, and teams already have their own developmental projects filling out the bottom end of those 53 men (i.e., guys in which they have invested draft picks or signing bonuses).

Or, maybe they are either narrow minded about “CFL detour” players or simply evaluate DC as a physical talent with character/technical deficiencies that override the physical talent.

All possible, agreed. I’m just amazed at how idiotic some of those franchises are, especially the ones who have been perennial losers for years and years (Cleveland, Oakland, etc.).

Well, perhaps hoping against hope, he finds his way back here!

With the problems with the team this year, a sure-handed deep threat would definitely help!

We know Duron but there has to be at least another one or two now available; and/or maybe better use can be made of Giguere and Green.

Agreed. :thup: Nobody wanted to take a flier on this guy? Stunning.

Merci de nous le rappeler. C'est tout de même quelque chose qui était sous-entendu dans ces échanges.