Duron Carter vs Rakeem Cato

First of all, this post is not inflammatory. I sincerely am looking for explanation. Not being in Montreal anymore, I do not follow the intrigues and the drama off the field. What I know is what I see on the field, on TSN.

So my understanding is that the last time they were together in Montreal, Duron Carter and Rakeem Cato did not go along well. It was so bad that it affected team's performance as a whole. So the logical step to do? Cut both of them off. My question is, if their conflict was the problem, why cut the both of them?

Now, on one hand, the team does not have a young, potential QB that they can groom to be better down the road. On the other hand, the team also lost a good receiver. A good, versatile receiver that can also play ST or even defense to cover passes. Looking at what is happening now, Glenn - Carter combination ain't that bad. And guess where Glenn played before?

None of us are there to know for sure, but here is my opinion which is not the typical response you get from everybody who watches the CFL. I personally do not believe the issue was Duron Carter and Rakeem Cato hating each other.

Carter respected Kevin Glenn as a QB, but not Cato. Carter treated Cato like when kids have a substitute teacher. That is: not taking him seriously. For the most part, I suspect the players thought there was no comparison between Glenn and Cato even though fans thought just the opposite. That is why Cato was upset. While appearing to have anger issues is not an ideal trait for a quarterback, I doubt that was the primary reason why Cato was released.

True, Cato did have the occasional nice pass. However, he seemed to be playing mostly off-script. Maybe because of his size, or maybe he had trouble grasping concepts. Whole world saw in the open-mic game that perhaps Cato was overwhelmed and was not suitable to be a starting CFL QB. If you argue that things would have been different if he was not rushed into playing so soon, I would not dispute that point. Whether fairly or not, hardly anybody (players, coaches, or front office) believed in Cato's ability to lead the Alouettes. I am positive Cato would sign this instant for a chance to be a backup anywhere in the CFL, yet no team has even given him that opportunity.

Duron Carter was released by Jacques Chapdelaine after the Calgary game last year after the coach got tired of his attitude whenever Carter was not directly involved in the action. Some people say: Like Father; Like Son. Cris Carter had a reputation where the coach had to run plays for Cris just so he would not become a distraction on the team. Chris Jones knows this, so that is why Duron is involved in special teams and as an emergency DB with the Riders.

By the way, Chris Jones is using Vernon Adams smartly in that Jones is focusing in using Adams' strength (elusiveness) and not his weakness (passing). He sees Adams as more of a Option QB in short yardage situations where he either runs or pitches the ball as Adams can make a player miss if he does run.

First, they were not both cut.

Carter was cut last season because of a long history of poor behaviour that could no longer be tolerated; might it have been because he didn't respect the HCs/OCs .... maybe ... but the behaviour was self-centered and childish. Hopefully (for him) getitng cut deflated his ego abit and he will now play as part of a team and not as if he is the team.

I believe that Adams was traded because JC and KR decided (rightly or wrongly) after watching up close that he was not a potential starting QB in the CFL, and with injuries the Als were in desperate need of some National depth.


Indeed, the quarterback problem has been a dreadful one since AC’s retirement. On the other hand I remember very well swearing at The Professor for at least the last three years of AC’s tenure. It was obvious that the team had no plan at all for a successor when AC’s time would come and it did come to haunt us. Again, I saw The Professor doing exactly the same in T.O. when the Argos had the game won. No replacement was sent in. Till the very end RR was kept in. The Argos better watch out or they’ll find themselves sooner than later in the same predicament as the Als.


Hadn't heard a question/complaint about Cato for so long that I mentally substituted Adams.

THAT said, I think the same logic goes for Cato .... and the rest of th eleague seems to have agreed.

Regina now has an excellent receiver and K/P returner and, a QB who, until recently was ranked as our number 2 ranked QB. Adams did show his mettle by running successfully, for a short off tackle run for a TD. Both players will likely be of help to the RR's this year and, in future years.

Was frustrating to watch ex Al's do well in Regina: Carter, Gainey, Glenn and Adams. They weren't good enough for MTL, and see how their departure has helped the team..

I fell you, man. It does get under my skin to see Glenn and Carter making shows in Saskatchewan. And I can only shake my head remembering that in this very forum quite a number of my fellow fans considered Carter as a cancer and his departure was a good riddance.

Cato released from his Arena League team because of issues with the coaching staff. An unfortunate pattern that we`ve seen previously.

[b]Richmond Roughriders Release QB Rakeem Cato, Sign Bryan Randall[/b]


[justify]ROUGHRIDERS KEEPING IT LOCAL: From Williamsburg, Va., Bryan Randall played his college ball at Virginia Tech.[/justify]

Rakeem Cato, the highly regarded QB from Marshall University and the CFL Montreal Alouettes, has been released by the Roughriders. Despite putting up solid numbers opening weekend on the road against the High Country Grizzlies his locker room presence had proven to be too disruptive for the team. Owner Gregg Fornario said, “Cato is a terrific QB and a great competitor, but he wasn’t seeing eye to eye with the coaching staff, so we felt it was best for the team if we went in a different direction.?


Popp et al may have picked the wrong side when Cato and Carter clashed

Soutenir Cato était la chose à faire. Carter, malgré son talent, amenait dans le vestiaire une ambiance plus que désagréable, alors que Popp n'avait pas la colonne nécessaire pour le discipliner contrairement à Chris Jones. Cato était aussi bouillant mais c'était contre Carter et Stafford qui étaient contre-productifs pendant les entraînements.

La décision de se débarrasser de Carter venait de Jacques Chapdelaine, qui a bien fait là-dessus. Celle de se débarrasser de Cato par exemple était une idée de Kavis Reed, et s'est révélé être mauvaise. La ligne protectrice partante (en début de saison) en 2017 était meilleur qu'en 2016, ce qui aurait permi à Cato d'être plus productif. De plus, quand on regarde les quarts qu'on avait, Cato aurait difficilement pu faire pire.

Talk about a waste of talent...Sad

Excellentes observations. Ceci dit, la conclusion est facile à tirer après avoir vu Durant à l'oeuvre. Je ne crois pas qu'en juin, on l'aurait émis comme conclusion, à moins que Cato n'ait vraiment eu le dessus sur Durant à l'entraînement. Au prix que les Alouettes ont mis pour avoir Durant, il aurait été le partant en début de saison de toute façon.

Je partage cependant le point de vue à l'effet que les Alouettes n'auraient probablement pas fait pire en gardant Cato et Adams que le triste spectacle qu'ils ont offert avec Durant et Willy aux commandes.