Duron Carter to the Riders?

Oh boy when you just thought things could not be in more of a turmoil there are reports being "leaked" that Duron Carter may end up as a Rider. Rod and Gary Lawless are both mentioning this may be more then a nightmare come true. http://www.rodpedersen.com/2016/11/lawless-carter-to-sask-possibility.html?m=1

First off he would be wanting way too much and with Holly Armanti, Fuller, Bagg and possibly Roosevelt (still think Jones will try to package him with picks to get Franklin) but lets say that he hasn't gone completely stupid and he keeps Rosie then why would we even consider a team cancer like Carter? How could we afford him? Can you imagine the antics he would bring into the locker room and to the field? He would sulk like a two year old if he wasn't the favorite receiver just like he did in Montreal and as he did in College. He is a rotten apple waiting to spoil the rest of the team.

God I hope Jones and Murph have enough sense to not even consider him. If they don't then what little faith I had in them being right for the Riders especially Jones will have all but vanished. This is not building a team this is dismantling it a piece at a time.

I agree the Riders don't need 'that' cancer on the team.

The article does state that it is 'Carter's wish list' teams to play for. He may be just spewing drivel to get his marketability up with another team. No press is bad press.

IMHO - still don't need him.

This would be an unbelievable and Unacceptable Blunder.
Carter should be railroaded out of Canada. PERIOD!!! :cowboy:

if they sign him i would suspect that either Carter or Roosevelt is packaged off to the Esks...likely Roosevelt.

seems like a smart move IF...big if...they can actually control the guy. Say what one wants...Jones has done a good job with attitudes in the past so it might be a good fit.

Pretty clear that Jones is waiting to see if he can pick up Franklin for a price he can live with and take things from there...this could be a part of it.

So yet again, trade a great WR for an unproven QB yep that sounds like Jones!!

Yes a mastermind plan, simply brilliant . Sign Roosevelt and give him a signing bonus then sign Carter and probably pay him a signing bonus and then trade Roosevelt to Edmonton who get him on the cheap next year thanks to us. We get a cancer like Carter (lol Jones controlling him, he is lucky if he can control his own bladder let alone Carter) probably at a stupid high price just to watch him throw his tantrums.

Yes pure genius of Jones. Build a team out of straw players that will fold because they are only thinking about themselves instead of one with solid team players that will bond and grow together.

Bravo Jones bravo.

meanwhile in reality...headcases are often given 2nd chances. Anderson was a good example of a mess that was brought in and was a big part of bringing this franchise a championship. Willis was given a chance in Edmonton and completely changed under Jones. Why was he open to giving a guy like Mitchel a chance...he felt he could mentor him up a bit...there are several players who have indicated that he is like that...but ok....lets roll with your idea that he is a bag of ineptness...I realize you don't like the guy...good for you...have fun with that

Carter would not be my first choice in players to bring on board because of his issues...but it is hard to say he is not the best receiver in the CFL...he is

I hope Roosevelt is not moved...but i can see it. I would hope it was Carter instead just because of the headcase potential. As far as eating up some 2016 money because of it...my GAFs on that are a big fat 0. That is what it is there for...to make moves for the future.

Yes it worked out ever so well with Mitchel didn't it. There are two kinds of douches one is like Bo who I've heard is a total douche bag off the field because of his ego but he seems to be able to contain himself enough to play nice with other team mates. Then there is douches like Carter that wear their douchness like a suit. They put it on in the morning and wear it all day on and off the field and infect everyone else with their douche disease. It is a stink that just can't be washed off and others start to smell of it because he is around. The only way to get clean is to get rid of the cause of the odor.

Some are just natural born douches and come by it honestly through their parents. Chris Carter is also a douche so he passed it on to his son naturally. This type of douche bag is not cure able. They are what they are and will always be that way. All you accomplish by bringing this type of player on the team is cause turmoil and disruptions. Carter was not liked by his team mates in Montreal and look how much better they gelled after he left. He was not liked by his team mates in college and there was a reason for that too. He is not in the NFL because coaches know he has talent but is not worth the BS that come with the deal. Receivers are pretty easy to get so why go through the hassle of putting up with one that is going to be more of a distraction then they are worth?

This is the problem with Jones, he feels he can change players or people into what he wants, very seldom does it work especially at the stage players are at when they turn pro. Your not talking about a 12-13 year old kid that is trying to figure out who they are and going through adolescence, no these are guys that are in their 20's and while they can make some changes and the very rare ones make major changes but for most the ground work has all ready been done and little is going to change that. So if Jones would stop trying to play God and make players in his image he may actually figure it out that it is better to have players that you don't have to "create" but ones that you can help to be the best player they are naturally by putting them in a positive situation that they can be successful in. Players like Carter do not fit well on teams because they are not part of the team they are just in it for themselves.

These are the last type of players a young team needs that is trying to find themselves. They are not leaders and usually show poor habits and little respect for other team mates. We have found good solid receivers and no Roosevelt being traded for Franklin is just stupid. Still even if they did trade him we do not need players like Carter on the team.

Lets put it this way how well did Montreal do with Carter on the team? Not very obviously and I bet if you asked any Al's player they would say good riddance to him. And yes signing players and giving them signing bonuses and then cutting them or trading them is not a good plan. Other players see this happening and will resent it. Why was this money spent on a player you intend to trade or possibly cut and not give it to those that stay? It is money not well spent at the very least and shows poor management of the cap. Jones seems to have not learned that lesson from last year if he gave Roosevelt a signing bonus and then intends to trade him. It just makes zero sense on so many levels it is frankly stunning to think it could happen.

Any other GM pulled this stunt and we would be laughing our a**** off at their stupidity. Jones does it though and some thing this is brilliant GM management. That in itself is a very scary thing in my opinion. Taman would have been roasted alive if he pulled these kind of stunts and rightfully so. And no I do not want Taman back either in any way shape or forum but Jones should also be held accountable for pulling such idiotic stunts.

I think sometimes like any of us, sometimes getting fired from a job can help us focus on what our priorities in life are. His release from the Alouettes could've served as a humbling experience for him. I don't think that just because he had some character flaws in Montreal that it will necessarily transfer over to another team. He is still a top notch football talent. Bring him in. If he performs and keeps his nose clean, keep him around. If he does what he did over in Montreal, cut him.

People are getting all bent out of shape over a player that has yet to sign here and over a trade that has yet to happen.

Absolutely agree with you on this one Jimmy. "Solid team players that will bond and grow together"
I for one am sick of the Deon Sanders Syndrome!!

Realistically as a team where should our priorities lay ?

O-Line ?
QB ?
Canadian talent ?
D-Line ?
Receiver ?
this is the order of importance that I would be recruiting in.
you can have the best receivers in the CFL at your teams disposal, but if you don't have a QB to get the ball to them, or a O-Line to protect your QB you are not winning many games.

I agree with you. Lets look back o-line, our QB's spent most of season running for there lives, so yes it needs major work.

After how many years, will still do not have a great back-up to DD, yet it seems Jones wants an unknown in Franklin and maybe sends Doubles packing, plus the loss of some good players for the unknown. not to smart in my books, we have a great QB with a few years left in him, he proved that this season.
Yes still shy on Canadian talent, it has improved but a few more could not hurt.

Our D line, well lets look back at last season, our d line was not last in sacks etc.. in fact it was a pretty good d line. Our backfield sucked. So this year we have a d- line that sat back last in league with said sacks, that tells me all I need to know, nice job again Jones. Our Backfield is better, but still needs work. Also 100 players through the season was to much don't yah think, nice going again Jones. And our D is still not that great.

I will say the new receivers we have has worked out. the only place we are not hurting, and Jones had better not trade Naamen for Franklin. We know Rosie will be one of the top receivers in the league, I'd sooner have him play for us than someone else!!

Wake up Jones..

Realistically, you look at every move that can potentially make you a better team. Carter is the best WR in the CFL. To not explore it seems pretty silly, because you know that basically every other team will be looking at him on varrying levels as well.