Duron Carter to have tryout with NFL Browns next week

per NFL reporter/insider Mary Kay Cabot...

[b]Mary Kay Cabot @MaryKayCabot #Browns will work out ex-OSU WR Duron Carter, son of HOF'er Cris Carter, league source says. CFL contract expires, can start visits Monday[/b]

He's the son of HOF'er Cris Carter?

Who'd have known. . .

I sure wish that Mr Black had been informed so that you could have used juicy material like that as filler.

Get the F out !!!!!! Where did you hear that ??? Seriously ??? Okay Madjack I think we all need a link of some sort if you expect us to believe a crazy rumour like that. :roll: :wink:

and here I thought he was the son of actress Nell Carter and brother of BSB's Nick Carter.

boy do I feel foolish. :oops:

The link is provided by the original poster. .. can we believe it do you think? ?

Maybe if you have his direct line, you can call Rod Black for us and confirm :smiley:

Gee, next thing you know we'll be told that Luke Tasker is the son of former NFLer Steve Tasker. ..

I don't suppose that many of us particularly enjoy off-seasons, but there's a silver lining. . . we now have roughly 7 months of not having to listen to Rod Black :smiley:

next thing you will try telling us is that there is some crazy Aussie kicker or that Solomon Elimimian is “quite the specimen.” c’mon now :cowboy:

:D Well that is unless you're a big fan of figure skating !! :roll:

Aren't we all glad that Jarrett Payton isn't in the league anymore?

LOL, fortunately, I am not!

For anyone on here who is, though, let us know. . . if any figure skater happens to be related to some other sports figure, does Rod Black go on and on about that on figure skating broadcasts?

Good luck "Duchess" :smiley:

Unless the Als released him at the end of the season, his standard CFL contract won't expire until the league-wide free agency deadline. They could have given him permission to try out, and may release him if the Browns decide to offer him a contract, but his contract definitely wouldn't have expired automatically on Monday.

Gimmie A Break...

Someone mentioned elsewhere that CFL players in the last year of their contracts are allowed to attend non-contact try-outs with NFL teams between the Grey Cup and the free agency deadline. I haven't checked the standard contract yet on this, but it sounds reasonable. If the NFL team expressed interest, then I'm pretty sure the player would still need to be released by their CFL team before signing there.

[b]Rick Moffat @RickMoffat I'm told #NFL deal for @DC_CHILLIN_8 will wait til January after he decides on visiting more clubs. #CFL[/b]

Predicted Browns coaching and player evaluators are going "to get their asses kicked"