Duron Carter returns to CFL in 2016 (50:50)

Since Carter signed with the Colts, here's what happened to their receiving corps:

Reggie Wayne retired

Free Agent Andre Johnson signed

Free Agent Vincent Brown signed

Colts draft WR Phillip Dorsett in the 1st round

The Colts are stacked at the receiver position, and Carter is projected at #5 in the depth chart - which translates to no playing time, barring injuries. Here's an analysis of the situation:

[url=http://www.stampedeblue.com/2015/5/1/8527325/what-the-phillip-dorsett-pick-means-for-the-colts-wide-receiver-unit-2015-nfl-draft]http://www.stampedeblue.com/2015/5/1/85 ... -nfl-draft[/url]

It's conceivable that Carter either rides the bench this season, or is released after TC. He could be back in the CFL next season. 50:50 is my guess.

The thing to remember about Carter is that there were other NFL teams interested in him before he signed with the Colts. Even if released by the Colts he would get other NFL opportunities.

He`s a talented guy who has to overcome maturity issues.

Well said Sheldon. He's as talented as any 1st round receiver. His work ethic and maturity will dictate how successful he is in the NFL.

Yeah, I doubt we'll see Carter in the CFL for a few years. If he can mature as a pro, he should have a nice little NFL career. Daddy's name recognition won't hurt either.

Pas impossible, mais hautement improbable. Pour les raisons mentionnées par Sheldon, je dirais que les chances de voir Carter revenir dans la LCF en 2016 sont plus près du 1% que du 50%, certainement en bas du 5% à mon avis. C'est d'autant plus vrai que s'il hérite du poste de receveur #5, il n'aura pas beaucoup d'occasion de faire diminuer sa valeur. Il va faire comme à Montréal : il va patienter jusqu'à ce qu'il ait une opportunité, et là, il va devoir la saisir. Je le crois capable de le faire, mais dès qu'il aura du succès, ça va lui monter à la tête et il va se mettre inutilement de la pression avec des déclarations stupides. Je ne le vois pas encore changer sur ce côté des choses. Je lui souhaite cependant d'avoir appris de cette bêtise et qu'il ait une belle carrière dans la NFL.

50-50 is the best way to put it.
He had only played his freshman (OSU) Sophmore (Top JUCO) Then did not play or practice with any team for two seasons.
Montreal wisely had him on Practice Roster for half a season. Basically redshirting him for the equaivalent of almost a whole season of College Football. A plan that was likely thought out well in advance between the two opposed to him trying to become eligible for a 5th year of college football.
he is still just 24 so there also a 50-50 chance he may be on a roster spot and not play in a game for half or a full season.
Andrew Luck and Carter could be a lethal duo for a lot of years or he could bomb out like mentioned above.
IMO the CFL DBs are just as good as they DBs in the NFL. The difference in the NFL is that they are a lot bigger overall

He will be a starter for the colts by mid season at most.