Duron Carter Released

He's too tall for us....

He wouldn't thrive under Jones' increasingly high standards of performance and near obsession with play execution.

If Chris Jones (who tolerates 99% of headcases, as long as they "make plays," which Carter occasionally did in Saskatchewan) didn't want Carter, there's a very good reason why all other CFL teams should avoid bringing Carter in.

Nevertheless, Herb Zurkowski reported last night that Kavis Reed was going to contact Carter to discuss a return to Montreal.

  1. I say we bring Duron in to Hamilton !! :slight_smile:

He is a great receiver and can also play CB if needed :wink: :wink: :wink:

Agree he will extend the field and makes catches that Hamilton needs right now .

The only problem is he can be a head case. Why would Jones just release him without trying to trade him (maybe he did try)? Just doesn't make any sense with the information we have been given.

Yes but Jones using him as a DB after a great year at receiver especially in the Eastern final was nuts .

He made QB's look better and always got open for his QB made some amazing catches that pushed the field and opened up the field for other receivers .

Info is he likes to talk in meetings.

If you have a coach with no personality then he is going to conflict .

The drug possession and maybe he still uses is the only problem I see if he was warned . That is the only reason I can think of ; the talking at meetings should not be release worthy unless it's really inappropriate stuff .

Duron Carter would be a nice add. He'll get along fine in the loosey-goosey Ticat club house. A guy like that could do wonders for Toliver who hasn't impressed me at all this year. I'm sure they could get something done with Carter easily. Why not give him another shot?

Yes he would.