Duron Carter Released by Saskatchewan

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Carter is obviously a talent, but Jamie Nye a Regina radio guy kind of sums up what the issue is with him:

“You watch him in practice, as I do, and you see an effort level that doesn’t match some of the other players,? said Nye. “Sometimes there are plays [in the game] where you know it’s a run play because he’s on the outside and he’s barely making an effort to go to the line of scrimmage because he knows what’s coming.

Nevertheless I would still like to see the Als sign Carter. I guess I need more excitement in my life.

Carter is more heart attack than cancer. Perhaps a Receivers Coach like Jason Tucker can limit him to being a toothache.

Duron Carter is definitely better than any receiver the Als presently have on roster; while his talent would be an improvement, I doubt that it would be a "good fit".

At this time, I do think that he will sign with the Argos; Jim Popp was the one who brought him to Montreal/Canada. With the recent trading for Ryan Bomben and the release of Int. OG Washington,the Argos will play with 4 Nat. on offensive line which would enable them to start 4 Int. WR's.

I expect a decision by tomorrow,at the latest,particularly if Toronto is his destination.


Is Carter a Marc Trestman type player? I remember he had issues with Dwight Anderson.

And this from Justin Dunk`s interview with Carter:

Dunk: What other teams have reached out to you?

Carter: I’m meeting with the Alouettes, we’ll see how that goes. Hamilton, Toronto and B.C.

Dunk: What are the odds of you playing football again in 2018?

Carter: Probably 60-40 playing. I just gotta see my options. I could go to NFL camp if I really wanted to, but I don’t know if I want to do that yet. I’ve seen all that [the Alliance of American Football. It’s really just about getting the best situation for me. No hard feelings, it happens in football and I can’t wait to play them.

Carter was actually vacationing in Montreal during the Riders bye week.

I am extremely surprised that Hamilton would consider Duron Carter; presently, the Tiger-Cats rank second in average yards per game at 314.7; Edmonton is first at 329.8. Only reason the Tiger-Cats would consider Duron is if Int. WR's were injured last game. I know that Saunders did not finish the game.


If BC wants a receiver, we could send them Ernest Jackson for Int. DE Gabriel Knapton. Would be too good,so it won't happen.

I don't agree with the Als dressing 5 Int. WR's. I would release TJ Graham immediately. 1 reception for 4 yards in 2 games. An Int. DE would be a better option. Jean-Samuel Blanc,Jesse Joseph and Bo Banner-not ready- are not options. Playing 4 Nat. OL, we can now dress and start 4 Int. DL.


While we can certainly use an International DE, Knapton has not done much with BC. 1 sack in 7 games.

Even Jesse Joseph has 2.

Even though he is an oddball, Carter is better than any receiver we have. He’s probably better as a defensive back than Glass and others on the team!

Reed is desperate. Johnny would not be at all surprised if he was signed.

Nor would I

Hey Duron! If you don't mind being touched on your boobon. You can be a drug mule.

Instead of putting your drugs in your bag. They will pack it for you.

Sounds familiar as that is why the Als released Carter the first time.

Two years ago, I thought the best situation for Carter was to go to a winning team that already had an established veteran quarterback and receivers. Duron does not set a good example if your team has a bunch of young impressionable receivers. Plus, he is always complaining about not getting the ball when the team is not winning. I would have thought he would be a little more mature by now and show a more leadership role. Guess not.

I suspect Duron himself sees nothing wrong his laissez faire attitude and is surprised why any team would ever release him. That is why he will never change.

That being said, the Als have nobody who can consistently win a contested ball and need any and all help possible.

In my opinion, BC actually would trade Knapton for Jackson. I do not even remember seeing Knapton on the field this week. If the Lions were content with Knapton, they would not have traded for Shawn Lemon. Former Al DE Ivan McLennan definitely played more than Knapton did in BC's last game.

And its funny, in the meantime Carters partner in crime with the Als, Cousin Kenny, is having a very good season with the Eskimos.

If Duron Carter did meet with the Alouettes to-night, I really think that there are greater chances that Kavis will sign him. He will do the outmost to sign him,before he talks with other teams. Duron loves the city of Montreal.

I did not think so earlier today and I had concerns if Kavis signs him but presently,along with you,Sheldon, I now hope that Duron signs with the Alouettes. Since he would be the best WR on roster there may not be issues as in 2016 when S.J. was on the team. Now, Duron would be the number 1 target.

Now hoping!


I really see no downside to signing him the Als are going nowhere fast and he may help develop Manziel with a target that can catch the deep ball .

You want to get that leadership going and Manziel needs talented athletic guys who can catch and then open it up more for Sutton's runs and dumps .

This is now about developing a QB who will resonate and want to stay the course .

Your in for a penny in for a pound at this point .

Talent has never been the issue with that guy. His selfish behavior is what has gotten him kicked out of 3 schools, 1 NFL team and 2 CFL teams. I think that would be a poison gift. Jones was paying him 175k...and he had to hide him in the secondary because his people wanted nothing to do with him. I think you have a better chance seeing Tesla turn a profit then the manchild becoming a PRO.

Dave Naylor says he would not be surprised if Duron Carter joins the Als. He considers the Argos longshots with the Lions and Ti-Cats being unlikely.

Carter and Nik Lewis going at each other.

Duron Carter?Verified account

Duron Carter Retweeted Nik Lewis

This guy again

stop it my man!! To be honest, the only time your relevant is when you mention my name. I’m glad I can bring you back to your old glory days that are probably diminishing from CTE!

Nik LewisVerified account

Show me a wr that is ok with Not getting the ball when he knows he can make a difference and losing. If Ur winning its a different story. Jerry, Michael Irvin, Moss, TO, and other greats understand this. Plus @Slotback18 had previous issue with @DC_CHILLIN_8. #ISuitedUpWithHim

So far I have been impressed with Manziel's behaviour, and he seems to be taking charge on the field/bench. As JM seems to have overcome his issues, it might be a strangely good fit for him to deal with Carter. There didn't seem to be obvious issues in Saskatchewan last season with Glenn, who likely didn't take any "stuff"; if I am reading Manziel correctly he doesn't seem like he would either ... and Manziel's university career may bestow enough "street cred" (to use an out-dated term) to have DC's respect.

Carter voluntarily played out of position for most of this season and had a "not terrible" first game back at receiver ... SO doesn't seem like cause for him to be released ... unless it is just a $$$/cap issue ... there must (or is that "must there ?") be a story behind it that likely nullifies what I wrote above.

Thought Carter's tweet made him look like a jerk for dissing Lewis, but both Carter and Lewis both sactually eem to be responding to

Jeff Fairholm?@Slotback18 20h20 hours ago
C’MON folks. Carter is a huge “distraction? or else why wouldn’t such a talented player be on a CFL roster for a long time. His time in The NFL was short lived and each team he has played for in the CFL is short. Something is wrong here and I suggest it’s Carter

Not certain Fairholm is anyone that causes me concern with respect to carter. He was so good in his two seasons as a receivers coach for the Argonauts that he was eventually demoted to Travel Advisor before being released because of internal organization personality conflicts ... who was the issue then?