Duron Carter Released by Saskatchewan

Should the Alouettes chase him?


He'll end up in Toronto as a Trestman project.

Carter is a dumb ass. The guy is trouble and always will be.

And either a drug pusher or drug addict.

Release E.Jackson and sign Duron?
You guys do need REC's that receive.

That would be hilarious… Kavis character locker room…

Kavis gets on a plane with a big bag of Quebec Weed !

“Duron ! Duron !”

Herb Zurkowsky?[ltr]@HerbZurkowsky1[/ltr]


#Alouettes GM Kavis Reed told me after the game he will contact receiver @DC_CHILLIN_8, who was released tonight by Saskatchewan

But that does not fit his Matrix...

Bringing in a very immature kid with a very recent history of drug problems to catch passes from a kid with a distant history of drug problems who is trying to keep sober (and who the whole team is now contingent on) is not a good decision.

According to Farhan Lalji :

“Carter is currently in Montreal on #Riders bye week. Says there was no conflict with coaches. Isnt concerned about why, more focused on his next move. i would expect it wont take him long to find a new home.
Curious if this will lead to anything with Terrell Owens. @CFLonTSN?

He would be a great target for JF . He makes some amazing catches and extends the field .

Yes he has a personality but usually in pro sports there is a cast of characters .

I know I don't expect robots especially with unique talents .

Montreal needs him and have nothing to lose right now and he will keep JF away from doing more runs into brick walls . Slide Johnny Slide .

If he talks too much when watching game film or meetings tune him out or just ignore him . I would be more upset if he failed to attend meetings and never had anything to add .

He was very well liked in Sask by fans and did what he was asked . The marijuana
Possession can be just extended past Oct 17th . Nothing burger .

The Als fans need some reasons to attend and Duron adds to it .

Isn't that something!

Also, Reed is always talking about "The quality" of the individuals he will bring in.

"No Cred Kavis"

Remember his last playoff game for Montreal? Took two major penalties because Simoni Lawrence made him lose his cool ended up costing the game for the Als. All this is spite of being warn they would try to get him to lose his cool.

This man child is a cancer. You can't trust him and he won't change.



Been there done that.

HfxTC mentioned it, playoff game lost his cool and took two costly majors!

No thanks.

Malgré son talent, Carter a été libéré en 2016 à cause de son caractère de merde. Ce serait contre-productif de l'amener ici uniquement par appât du gain.

Carter tweeted this:

I might be done with football man... find a job that travels around the world, something where I can be myself

Really? He expects to find a job where he gets paid to act like a jag off?!

Good luck with that Duron... ::slight_smile:

Four teams have contacted Carter, including Montreal, and my Ticats:

When Carter was here the first time I really thought he was NFL calibre talent but for the NFL of his father’s era. So when he went to the Colts I didn’t think it would work and his pain in the ass side would eventually emerge. Then he comes back to Montreal for round 2 to a terrible team and it all fell apart. Saskatchewan seemed like a decent fit for a while but ultimately it was crazy putting him on defense and wasting the talent like the Riders did. I still think he could be an awesome CFL receiver if he is properly managed and had a good QB. Weirdly I think his huge ego and Johnny’s might actually work together. I would sign him one last time!