Duron Carter Released By Riders - Signed by the Argos!

What the heck? ???

Making room for Terrell Owens ?? :o ;D

Chris Jones now has freewheel to work out 49 yr old Milt Stegall - heard he ran a 5.01 40 in his street shoes, wearing his $149 Moore’s special suit!

Next up - The Acadia Rifle Bob Cameron, only 65, good backup punter, could probably be shifted to strong safety in the CJ Jones re-training program!!!

Do we want him?

Don't think Team CleanCut (Bombers) want anything to do with this dude. In a way we need him (Dressler got nicked yesterday) but there's no way the bombers even consider the thought.

Wade Miller has enough alarms set up in various places at IGF. If Carter farted they're be 4-alarm fire alarms going off in that facility!!!

Only if he can play Left Tackle .

Too tall.

maybe we can cut him in half and make him into two little receivers .



I would rather the other half be a DB so we can get the odd pick.

Farhan Lalji?Verified account
Duron Carter wasn’t given any reason for his release. Was thanked for his work on both sides of the ball & told the team was moving in another direction.
Veteran contracts aren’t guaranteed until after 9th game, so #Riders arent on the hook for the balance of the year.
7:03 PM - 11 Aug 2018

Might have something to do with his off-field behaviour.

Has to be. It would be bonkers if this is to make room for TO.

Salary dump, pure and simple.

Maybe he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar......again !!! If you know what I mean . ;D

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If he didn't run into Campbell a couple of years ago I would want the guy for the RB's . Even now if they can get over it Carter makes the offence better .

He brings some go get em never give up talks the talk walks the walk you need in football .

There's no way that I can possibly see Campbell being interested in Carter . I'm thinking that there is only 3 possible destinations for DC .

#1.....Mtl . The rumour floating around is that Krazy Kavis has already shown some interest . He could turn out to be a new playmate in the sandbox for Johnny . :o

#2.....Tor . The Argos are not exactly knee deep in the receiver department and besides signing DC might just sell an extra 5 or 10 tickets per game for this lame duck franchise . ???

#3.....BC . Why not ? It could be a perfect fit for Carter seeing as he has a penchant for smoking the dope and apparently there is a lot of that going on on the West coast . 8)

Alot of that going on on the East coast too ...