Duron Carter no risk contract to Colts

Moe Khan ?@MoeKhan19 5m5 minutes ago
#Colts protecting themselves on the @DC_CHILLIN_8 signing. A low risk (financially) 25K guaranteed if it doesn't workout.

Not much of a commitment! :wink:

If he develops up to his potential, he will make them pay later.

Yes, but he must put on his “big boy pants” first. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 15m15 minutes ago
Things of interest to me: Guaranteed #NFL money for former #Als WR Duron Carter: $25K. For ex #Ticats DB @BreauxShow24: $150K.

DB the DB has a much better chance of making it in the NFL. He has all of the tools and, is a team man first, second and last.

Its also nowhere near what Herb's source was telling him (hundred k).

I think Breaux will have as nice or better a career as Browner in the NFL. Another guy we will never see again.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :D Should they meet again on the field, DB the DB will again own DC! :lol:

The Colts & Saints do play each other next season. :cowboy:

I think the only risky thing that may happen is Carter doing something selfish and boneheaded to cost himself an opportunity in the NFL. His over inflated self worth and ego will not likely stay in check.

After all, do you know who his father is???

Breaux fed Carter some humble pie in the playoff game. for Carter’s sake he better remember that in the NFL or he’ll be back in the CFL before he knows it.

Has Carter said this is going to be in the movie he promised us last fall ?

I heard that, but will Carter actually be on the field playing when they do? Won't be surprised if Breaux is playing though! :smiley:

The first time he does his impression of the "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes" to cost his team either field position or points will be his ticket out of Indianapolis. You can be assured that the Colts have done their due diligence (hence the miniscule $25k guaranteed contract) so that the "prodigal son" could be an also-ran...

I am fairly certain that everybody at that level has a pretty big ego. If they did not, they would get eaten alive. That being said, I think the only thing matters for Carter is what the coaches and teammates think of him.

Did the coaches & teammates in Montreal last year mostly hate Carter? I do not recall hearing anything like that. There were stories however of teammates hating Chad Johnson.

Carter was completely shut down in a big playoff game last year by Breaux. That tells me his stay in Indy will be a short one, or one that sees him be a practice squad player before returning to Montreal.

CFL News ?@CFL_News 11m11 minutes ago
WR Duron Carter got NO signing bonus from the Colts... via @TomPelissero #CFL #Alouettes #NFL #Colts

While I wouldn't use the same invectives that you have used, your point is well made. I did notice (only through TV coverage) that he acted immaturely at times on and off the field. Again, from TV that appeared to get less and less as the season wore on. Although, the Cats were able to draw some objectionable conduct penalties from him late in the season which to me means the attitude is right there under the surface.

What bothered me about him was his antics after a good play. Many times, through the TV no less, I could hear him yelling "It's my Ball... my ball" or something to that effect after an attempted strip, while those on the sidelines, team mates or not looked away. Fire is good, desire is good. Acting in a manner that alienates you from your peers is not good.

I've never met the guy so I can not know for sure what he is like. I can only opine on what I saw on TV on gameday.