Duron Carter joins Elks as defensive back

Yes...can't wait to watch him pick off Bo again and again :joy: but No didn't leave for the NFL because he didn't wanna take cousin' job :joy::clown_face:

I feel like I've seen this before. Would be surprised if he even suits up. Will be on the 'suspended list' before training camp starts.

I agree. Talent, but wow, not a team player. I was glad he was only with the Argos for 2018. Now, Patrick Watkins, like carlos_harper mentioned...would have loved for him to stay longer in the double blue.

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All coaches evaluate all players for their successes and failures on the field, every down is scrutinized. Benevides was asked and he said "In the first 36 hours after the game, I watch every down usually 15 times. I evaluate everybody."

Seriously, I actually think this is a good signing with 1 caveat - how does it affect the locker room. Maybe sitting out a season gave him a wakeup call. The good news is that if he doesn't pan out as a DB (though I actually think he will), you know he can play WR. BC misused him. You can't play him inside. He's an outside guy. Look, Jones converted AC Leonard, a TE when he came to the CFL via BC, to DE & he led the league in sacks last year. He converted Marshall, a QB, to CB & he was an all-star last year. He used Antigha @ DE, LB & DB with success. Love him or hate him, Jones has been successful with a few of his experiments.


Nahh. Carter is a receiver. A ridiculously talented receiver. Physically a man amongst boys (if he still has it). You can line him up anywhere. He can run any route. He can catch any ball. He could haul in a long bomb in a closet. In that way he is impossible to misuse.

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Lots of bad actors. Brandon Dyson was so bad the league begged Winnipeg to get rid of him. Michael O'Shea was named he CFL's dirtiest player in 2007 on this site (article Sept 16, 2007). Dwight Anderson was hated in Regina till he helped them win the Cup in 2013. Remember Rob Murphy, BC? My father talked about Jim Young, also BC back when. Carter has his issues but there's a long history of players with bad behaviour in the league. Who doesn't like Michael O'Shea now?

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Well, personnel better than I say Carter has a hard time getting his hips around & the ball comes out too fast before he's properly set for it on the inside. Out wide he can use his stride & length to his advantage on the smaller DB's. Take it for what it's worth.

So you're trying to tell me that a guy who is probably the most physically gifted receiver that the league has ever seen had physical limitations in his game that restricted his deployment? Like srsly??

You forgot Jason Jimenez and AJ Gass.

And for every guy that you name there are 20 who are great. Iannuzzi who is on the board of the Vancouver Food Bank. Reilly, Lulay, Dressler, Hitchcock, Calvillo, Cahoon, Makowsky, Sinopoli, Dyakowski, Brent Johnson, Doug Brown, Joe Poplawski (doing great work with the alumni), Jim Sandusky (see his work with the kids on Lummi Island), Lui Passaglia, PINBALL!!, heck just the panel alone Stegall Dunigan and Shultzie, these are all stand up guys and total pros that their teammates could always count on, and had positive impact off the field as well.

The majority of pro athletes are NOT arrogant selfish immature people. I dunno, maybe you could make a case for the NBA :stuck_out_tongue: but no, the majority of pro athletes are decent dudes.

I don't disagree with you. All I am saying is you are going to have guys like Carter, far worse in some cases, & someone willing to take a chance on them. I said at the outset, the question is whether or not he is good for the locker room. In my view, going by his talent, as we both can agree on, the risk is worth it regardless of the immaturity. Jones is going to build the team with players who he thinks can help him win or he wouldn't be there. There were a lot of people in Regina, Dog, who liked the guy. He took some fans to a movie. He had 22,000 twitter followers. There's 2 sides to it. He was a popular guy.

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That's hilarious, Jones cut him the middle of his second season in Regina when playing him at db didn't pan out and now he's back to play a position he bombed at before. Not only that but he will not even played any position for the last 3 years. Looks pretty good the Elk, just like their ill conceived name.

Yeah he was popular in Regina and Jones still ran him out of Dodge.

Talented but nowhere near as good as a bunch of other guys in the league. Jones has already tried him at db,

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For all the talent DC has, he has always had to play for a discount and won't be expensive again. 2018 after being team MOP may have been different and also may have factored into his release.

I recall Chris Jones saying that they were releasing a very good football player. Now he has him back. Won't truly be happy until he gets Jalen Collins for the other corner.

For some reason I'm glad to see DC back in the CFL. Chris jones as well. Even more glad to see how Carter fares as a CB.
EE will love DC as long as he competes and is respectful of the community. Edmonton is a very prideful city.


Evaluation, yes. Character judgment is unnecessary. You can release a player for missing blocks or not lining up properly without calling him arrogant, lazy, and selfish.

Are you suggesting that character is not important when evaluating a player's value to your team or just that it should not be stated publicly?

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This signing does not make any sense as far as i'm concerned. Duron Carter's football career came to an abrupt halt. :thinking: Why would Chris Jones waste his time and effort to sign him on as a "Defensive back" :question: I would be very surprised to see the once gifted receiver win a starters role with the new revamped Edmonton Elks-Cheap publicity stunt in my humble opinion. :rofl:


I disagree. IMO DC is a gifted football player who CJ often said was better on defense than offense.
I think he will do very well as a CB.


I agree with this statement,
DC has great talent, It is the excess baggage attached to gift that is questionable