Duron Carter joins Elks as defensive back

EDMONTON — Duron Carter is coming back to the CFL.

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To quote a well known New Yorker, "What fresh hell is this"? I thought when it was 1st rumoured it was a lot of "bull".

May we live in interesting times.


Well, they can have him! :slight_smile:

2022 was off to a great start hiring a new President Victor Cui. :+1:
Then they go and hire Chris Jones who then signs Duron Carter :-1: :-1:
This is crashing fast

Love him or hate him (I love him) this signing is good for BC. Thinking of last year when Whitehead went down. Imagine if Duron had been on the roster then. No problem, we got the spot covered.

Just curious about how signing Duron Carter with the Elks is good for BC? Seriously, just curious.


Chris Jones: Hey Mac, Duron Carter is available. What do you think?

Stephen McAdoo: We cut him in Sasks remember?

Chris Jones: I think he still has skills.

Stephen McAdoo: But I would have to deal with him again.

Chris Jones: How about I put him way out in the secondary, so he would be my or somebody else's problem.

Stephen McAdoo: Fine.


My bad. Sorry. Would have been nice though, don't you think?

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pantsonfire - Interesting signing. A former receiver with good hands played 6 games as a DB and had TWO pick-six’s! I know Chris Jones is quite resourceful when tracking down players – but I did not see this one coming! Any thoughts on this – good or bad? Cheers!

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Sideshow Carter won't even last until the fall season.

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The return of Duran Carter means: call in the Ghost Busters. :ghost: :ghost: :japanese_goblin:


6'5" is tough to throw against. It will be like the second coming of Patrick Watkins. Any success at all and the jerseys will fly off the shelf.

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Your on planet delusional ! Victor and Chris are two of the best hires in CFL in a very long time quit being so jealous

As I said, Mr. Jones will make things happen. Love him or hate him.

Elk(s) are popular again & looking to contend.:+1:

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Teaching kids selfishness, immaturity, taunting and a complete lack of general respect and sportsmanship! :+1: :+1:


Better known as pro athletes. Not all, but the majority.


I don't believe that.

Duron will help BC by getting at least two penalties for running his mouth when he plays them. It's like an automatic 20 yard advantage. Of course this goes for all teams he plays against. I could of been a fan of his but he never could just shut up, a motormouth with no off key.

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Apparently the last straw for Jones when he cut him from the Riders was that he was tipping off running plays to the defense by relaxing in formation if he wasn't running a route. If that's true, talk about totally arrogant, selfish and utterly lazy af.

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Why judge character? Maybe he's just bad at disguising his intentions. Michael Bishop had tells that the other team's D-line could spot, but he wasn't a bad guy.

I don't think Carter has the discipline to be successful, and that's plagued him his whole career, but I'm not going to judge him for mistakes on the field. And Jones must have gotten over it, given that he's signed Carter albeit to play on the defensive side of the ball. :slight_smile: