Duron Carter... Class Act

He took 24 Rider fans to the movies today in Toronto. He's a class act no matter what is written or spoken about him.

He tweeted it, arranged it, took a poll over the preferred movie time, and then picked up the tab.

Love this guy.

Knock’m’ dead carter.

Any news with Duron? Is he back with the Riders this season, or has there been any word on any progress CFL/NFL. Haven't seen anything anywhere since CJ mentioned they would try to get together for a talk, that could be a month ago already. I couldn't seem to find much with goggle, maybe someone caught something somewhere. I sure like Duron as a Rider, every bit as much as Naaman and sure want to see these guys stick around....

Last I heard he had received some looks from a couple NFL clubs (Raiders and ??), but no offers. Sure would like to see him remain here.

I guess curiosity got the best of me and spoke to soon, but got my answer this morning. Good news at any rate.https://www.cfl.ca/2018/01/22/duron-carter-extends-stay-riderville/

Carter extends in RiderNation.
Great news:

We now have Carter, Holly, Roosevelt, Grant, Owens, and Bagg as our receiving corp. Plus Cristian Jones and Marcus Thigpen also can be used in that role. We are literally STACKED at that position. What was someone saying in here about players not liking Chris Jones???

I guess when someone knows you better than the Twitterverse does - they're a threat perhaps?

Glad he is back, I hate losing the good ones. And I am a ticat fan at that. He has been great for the league.

Fantastic news

Allek, the link you posted above does not work, thus I posted one below.


Interesting words from DC about his experiences in Canada and Regina.


175,000 in 2018. That includes $144,000 in ‘hard money’ –a $70,000 signing bonus, $74,000 in base salary – and $31,000 in playtime bonuses.
Wow....is that ever a good price. Clearly money is not his only motivator because you can be damned sure he would get more elsewhere. Guess part of that is the one year aspect...but still.

Riders’ WR Duron Carter charged with marijuana possession.
I sure hope this publicity don't get blown completely out of perspective, when spec of legalization is basically around the corner in another 5 months.

There, fixed it for you ?
(actually 2 drug charges in 2 provinces!)

Problem is, as I read it, he was importing a banned substance into the country. That's a little more serious than simple pot possession. Don't think this is going to end well.

They only charged him with possession so...

Still, that is 2 times in a couple months...They may have to give him a wrist slap. I understand that pot is not a banned substance in the CFL...but still. I also dont believe this this will turn out massive or anything. Absolute worst case would be like 1 game, but realistically is maybe a fine.

Isn’t there enough pot in Sask so Duron can get it locally?
I certainly smelled enough of it at the stadium I when went to a game several years back.

I wonder if this could make travel crossing the border a little ticklish. Also would Chris Jones be making a statement in regards to this or is it something as a coach you just shrug off as players private life and mind there own business. I ask because I just don't recall how similar situations have been addressed by any CFL coaches. Unfortunately it's still illegal...

They'll have to feel out how the leaue feels. They won't give a rats arse about the weed itself...it is not banned under the league's substance program.