Duron Carter charged with drug possession

...not joking

Justin Trudeau`s new favorite CFL player.

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This guy will do anything for attention.

He will never see the color of an NFL jersey again.

Are you just trying to distract from the fact that Charleston Hughes is now a Rider? In this TSN video, the bigger news was Charleston Hughes being traded to the Cats, who then traded him to the Riders for QB Vernon Adams Jr, seems like the Cats are going with a plan B if they can't sign Manziel... then Odel Willis also being traded twice and is now a BC Lion.... it seemed like the possession arrest was almost an afterthought... it isn't being treated like the big story you are making it out to be...

Does starting a thread automatically mean you are saying the topic is the story of the year/month/week?

Most people can digest more than one piece of information in a day. No distractions needed.

TSN found the trades more interesting and newsworthy, so that is why they were mentioned first... the headline of Carter drug possession arrest was to grab the attention of the reader/viewer... worked well I guess...

nowadays, this just isn't news anymore. Certainly not compared to DC's other antics of the past, and probably yet to come

Not a problem - Carter’s pops and Rider mgmt. will hire a top flite lawyer and get the thing erased. Deputy prosecutor will be wined & dined with Chris Jones, Cris Carter & maybe a guest NFL player Who could resist that - let alone a mope deputy attorney in Regina!

You are right thanks. BUT if one would go into airport security or border crossing security ,different rules are approved by governments SECURITY for safety. Guns are legal right!!!!!
Bring them on airport or boarder security without a special permit is!!!! Not so good.
Or illegal drugs which has not changed. Be Smart!!

However facts may come forward that help Carter. Cheers

Just delay it past July 1st and the charge will be dismissed . The possession charges are still being laid but they most likely be back logged to a further date .

With so many states legalizing it and an entire nation it's just a matter of time that new CFL owners will have connections to the stuff . Gopher Gold will be advertising at Mosaic and sponsoring Gainer .

Snoop Dog could buy an expansion franchise and watch some of his investments in Canada .

Canadian border security called in the cops to lay the charges. Does this not mean he is guilty of smuggling a banned substance into the country? If so, pot possession is the least of his worries. He should be facing a major criminal charge and then the consequences aren't pretty.


I don't think the vast majority of people really care about this. I am not a supporter of legalization, but I don't really care either. What is mind boggling is that he was busted in an airport. Seriously?? WTF. The league may have to give him a small slap because of that.

Was it an international flight?

You understand Saskatoon and Regina are not the same place right?

The dude could clearly get a green card for ADHD or such

Medicine man....medicine :smiley:

Geez. You have to be a moron to bring marijuana into an airport! It is the most likely place to get caught. ::slight_smile:

What a non story. I may head down to my local store to buy some weed tomorrow. Which store to go to, tough decision.