Duron Carter? Anyone?

Everyone knows Carter’s situations the last few seasons. In Sask, Tononto, Recently BC.
Are there any HCs in the CFL who can get the best out of him.
Being a Florida guy. There is NO WAY. he would even think about playing an XFL season in Orlando with Trestman as the boss.

Quite a talent. Quite a waste.

Hence my curiosity.
Carter was sincerly very excited about playing with Mike Reilly in BC.
Then the wheels fell off for BC from the get go.
& Carter seemed to be unusually quiet for him about it. For sure after Claybrooks got the boot. Carter was clearly a salary dump.

He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Cant argue with that.
At times though he has played great. With little problems. When he plays for a coach &/or OC that he respects and a QB That he respects that can pass the ball.
He for sure is NOT gone get that hard $$$ that he got this year.
In the CFL Could be Milanovich in Edmonton. With Harris as QB.
Or XFL. June Jones and the run and shoot.

I would fear that he publicly alwaysappears excited about the team he is with … but that “beauty” is only skin deep … don’t know that I would wish that on a 2nd year HC who its still party-time GM.

Yup. I agree with that about a new HC.
But MMilanovich is a yunger yet seasoned HC & OC.
While June Jones…
Well he is long time and legandary as HC & OC.

I would love to see him in Ottawa, he sells tickets, he is a loose cannon, very large personalty, full of himself, I like him. lol , last time I checked we could use a couple more receivers, I don’t think he would break the Bank either.just a thought

Well Lapo is a coach that Carter likely respects.
Lapo needs to get a QB desperately.
That would help ALOT.
He is a big personality. Could you imagine Carter going to 67s games or the new pro Bball team in Ottawa at the same arena.

Despite the flaws and antics, there is still too much talent and ability there to pass up.

I have no idea, and as is the open question, which head coach and general manager can harness and focus all that talent and ability?

Occasionally as a player ages, sometimes inspired perhaps by a lady and family on the way and other times by a traumatic personal event, maturity and improved focus are triggered after a run of any given other problems.

Yes, we’re in need of receivers in Ottawa and the capital is one of the few cities Carter hasn’t yet burned down bridges. He might be a bargain at this stage of his career as well.

Having said that, there are a few other WRs that I’d rather see the team go after, guys like Derel Walker, Shaq Evans, Reggie Begelton, and even Juwan Brescasin.

After he left Montreal … Saskatchewan, Toronto and BC all gambled on that some thing … hasn’t worked so far … he turns 29 in March and I wouldn’t place any faith in his “getting his act together”

On what basis can you say that … he has yet to truly respect any HC/team he has played for.

Well I do agree with you, as I think would overwhelmingly most, that he is high risk.

But I also see someone taking a chance and see where things stand by game 6. Either he has his head together with the play to show for it, or he’ll reveal himself the clown again and good-bye forever more than likely after all those cycles.

Even before one gets to comparisons based on skills and fit with any given offence, all those names are lower risk than is Duron Carter.

It would be hard I would think for any given GM not to look at any of those receivers first.

Duron Carter is at the point in his a career where he cannot get by on potential anymore. He either has to be productive or be a team leader. Well, his production was nothing special last year; maybe even below par. And the only thing he could teach rookies is: how to troll.

Carter had chances because the GM wanted him there (Jim Popp, Chris Jones, and Ed Hervey). Now if Popp were a GM somewhere, I have no doubt Popp would sign him again. Jones is not in the league (for now), and Hervey just released him. Anyway at each stop, the offensive coaches wanted Carter gone.

Cannot see any coach who has any sort of power within the organization approving the signing as Carter’s teams have lost more than they have won. Not Scott Milanovich who once released Vidal Hazelton, Kevin Elliott, and Tori Gurley within a week during the season. Not Paul LaPolice either. Maybe the only one gullible enough is the Argos as Ryan Dinwiddie is just glad somebody gave him a HC job.

Carter did not sell tickets in Montreal, Toronto or BC.

The TSN scum elements, apparently amongst the producers, sure did more than go out of their way to play up his antics at every turn though! And that Rod Black sure was on board!

That in itself would be worth the price of a 67s ticket, lol

I think if Joe Montana or better yet how about Doug Flute came out of retirement and was 30 years younger and was quarterbacking any of the three teams you mention in those city’s he wouldn’t draw flies either,