Duron Carter and Stafford released from MTL

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Just spoke to Duron Carter and he says he and vet receiver Kenny Stafford have been released by @MTLAlouettes #cfl @cfl

Well MTL just became Cap compliant

Just heard on TSN morning show in Wpg.
Wasn't clear if they quit or were cut on waivers.

In any case its probably a salary dump (over cap) or personality dump - perhaps a lot of both.

I suspect if Ma Barker still has decision making powers in Toronto he'll attempt to pick up Carter. Just a couple games left - won't cost much - TO still has a 10 or 12% chance at playoff spot

Love to see Wpg make a play - consult Kevin Glenn about their characters and make a play. Ride into playoffs with Carter on taxi squad, in reserve. Atta boy! :cowboy:

i'm curious to see if anyone will sign either?

Since these players were released after the 2016 trade deadline, I don't think-I could be wrong- that they can be signed by another CFL team in/for 2016.

These moves have nothing to do with 2016 cap, Grover. The net savings against the cap, in 2016, will range between $12,000 and $18,000. These players will have to be replaced on the roster and Duron Carter received a substantial signing bonus in February 2016. His base salary for 2016 was roughly $81,000 or $4,500 a game.


[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/10/17/alouettes-release-duron-carter-and-kenny-stafford/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/10/17/alouettes- ... -stafford/[/url]

Carter and Stafford would both be allowed to sign with other teams but, due to the trade deadline having passed, would not eligible to play throughout the remainder of the 2016 season.

Not much point IMO.

Argos won't want Carter because he is Tori Gurley 2.0 (unless they are hypocrites).

.....Yep both players released....Talented and troublesome and it looks like the repeat of the argo situation....Why clean house now unless it's cap related???...Apparently they can be signed by other clubs but can't play for them until 17'...Doesn't look good for Popp and he might be announced as the next major departure...These times they are a changin' :wink:

Maybe it’s an eastern virus. Hamilton and Ottawa receivers should be getting their immunizations today. Wow

It makes you wonder why they were not released last week, taking a talent (although a head case) out of the League for the playoff run is kind of crappy for the player and the League.

I guess Carter hasn't realized how he was screwed by MTL yet

gary lawlessVerified account
Duron Carter cut by @MTLAlouettes says he wants to sign with another @cfl #cfl club asap. "I want to be in playoffs and I want to win GC."

Is it just my imagination or is this CFL season just been one giant Shat Show from one week to the next ? Honestly I think they should really consider putting this entire season on an episode of William Shatner's Weird or What ? or maybe Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. It's truly been one of the most bizarre seasons I can ever recall in recent memory. They should just change the name of the league to the LTFL short for Looney Tunes Football League with all the crazy crap that has been going on all year. I mean you honestly couldn't get a Hollywood script writer to put a story like this together and have anyone believe it.

I really respect what Winnipeg has done to change their team culture. Their team effort has been great.
I sure hope they don't, even for a moment, think about adding Carter for next year.

This guy makes Randy Moss seem like Mother Theresa. The last game was the culmination of several poor weeks. He was not joining the huddle, jogging, if that, on routes. Walking around, stooped shoulders.

Ran over a coach, fought with QB's, has not stuck with ANY team. College...NFL....CFL...
Remember the duck story. Sooner or later what a guy shows you continually is what he is.

That sucks.

The League is really thin on my Buckeyes this year.

Now down to just Marcus Hall, OL on the Riders.

He played for around 5 college teams when not suspended.

His college QB said this:
"The team that drafts Duron Carter will get the most lazy, whiny & non-work ethic player the nfl has ever seen. I played w/him. Horrible person & will be a complete cancer to any team on the board."

This QB is a true Nostradamus.

Carter would be good replacement for Chris Williams for the remainder of the season but I think he's burned his bridges with Ottawa.

He can't play for anyone in 2016. His release came after the trade deadline.

Wouldn't surprise me if Barker went after Carter as he's Barker's type of player; selfish, lazy, self centre prima donna who's more trouble than he's worth (see Adrianno Belli, Shea Emery, Khalif Mitchell).

I'd bet Popp tried to shop them around before the trade deadline, with no takers. By 4 pm Wed, they'd already had 3 days of practice, so may as well play them, as replacements wouldn't have enough reps. If they produced, then keep them around. Or maybe there was another incident? Carter did not look into it at all against Calgary, looked like he was taking plays off.

Duron Carter 2016 season highlights............ :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:




I agree with and am laughing at bobo82's comments. It's a Shat Show of epic proportions unless you live in Cowtown or The Peg. The east has been horrible especially the two basement dwellers.

Argos will finish at 5-13 after being 4-2 at one point. If that doesn't mean bye..bye to the Fat Vegetarian and his Deer in the headlights coach "Mr. Dopey" I don't know what to say.

Perhaps Barker only brings in vegetarian players and it's hard to get pumped for a game after a hearty salad with cranberries. Now don't get me wrong that sounds good followed by meat. haha.

Carter had a one year deal... He's not going to rush. With all the controversy he brought around himself this season. His NFL chances are slim to none.