Duron Carter and Henoc Muamba Released from Colts

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 1h1 hour ago
The Colts have released both LB Henoc Muamba and WR Duron Carter. #CFL

Both are free agents

Wow i was positive Carter would make it.. Guess Delvin Breaux broke him in the east final. :lol:

Thats It Love It

Surprised at Muwamba. Hope he comes back up north.

He will be coming North for sure.
There will be a ton of interest
He is gonna go to the highest bidder, My guess is at least $175K

Montreal should be able to afford both, since they aren't paying an established QB salary.
I predict Popp will outbid for HM & DC will wait for an NFL opening for a month or so.

gary lawless ?@garylawless 4h4 hours ago
Agent for former #bombers LB Henoc Muamba has contacted all 9 #cfl teams and wants offers filed by Tuesday

Why would we outbid for Muamba? We’re not starting a national at LB and we have a plethora of talented international linebackers. Carter, certainly.

A ratio buster, they have the $$$, & Popp will look good.

For anyone surprised by some of the former #CFL players cut down south, read this by @johncurschel http://www.theplayerstribune.com/john-urschel-nfl-training-camp-cuts/

That’s not how Jim works. He’s not going to cut a guy who’s proven himself, midseason, just to sign a guy who may not be the right fit for the defense that Noel Thorpe runs, at a position where we are not lacking in quality depth. We don’t need a ratio buster; we start 5 national O-linemen.

Montreal started 4 Canadians on the O & Deslauriers can go.
Sign a speedy reciever from the NFL cuts.
Ratio busted.

Some of you may not know this, but Duron Carter is the son of former NFL star Cris Carter.

We don’t need Muamba to sweep the season series against you. :cowboy:

[i]We don't need Muamba to sweep the season series against you. :cowboy:
Two games total point differential of 7pts. Complete domination...we'll just forward you the two points next game and save the travel expenses!

Imagine the orgy of cliche if, during the next Als - TiCats game, Tasker plays, Rod Black calls the game and DC rejoins the Als. Black will be in his glory and unable to help himself. Please, TSN, in the name of all that is holy and good, DO NOT let this happen!

And a complete Jerk just like his father…

First, we all knew him as the son of NFL legend, future Hall of Famer, and Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter. Next, his legend began to grow due to what he was doing on the field – part of a St. Thomas Aquinas team that won back-to-back state championships in large part due to the 14 touchdown catches Duron reeled in as a senior – and he became a top high school recruit. Duron chose to follow his Dad’s footprints and go play for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Next, as a freshman in 2009, he caught 13 receptions for 176 yards along with a touchdown against Indiana. However, that “next? could also be marked as his “finale? in his collegiate playing career, as he never played again at the FBS level.

Duron left Ohio State due to academic reasons after that season. He then attended Coffeyville Community College where he was able to ‘wow’ on the field once again, catching ten touchdown passes. From there, he transferred to Alabama but only lasted there for a year before heading to his final stop, Florida Atlantic. Duron tried to get on the field immediately for the Owls, petitioning for immediate eligibility, but the NCAA denied that. While he continued to struggle with academics, he was always working to improve them while also still practicing.

Four years, four different schools, and now heading to the NFL with only a dozen and one catches to his name at the FBS level.

The time for twists and turns was over. Duron went on to enter the NFL draft in 2013, despite having almost no chance at getting drafted. He wasn’t, then went north of the border to the Canadian Football League. He plotted the following course: Play four years or so in the CFL, firmly establish himself, then seize an opportunity in the NFL. Then came another twist.

Duron had 49 catches for 909 yards as a rookie, then last season added 75 catches for 1,030 yards playing for Montreal.

“He hadn’t been happy at any stage, except playing in Canada,” Cris said. “That’s where he really appreciated just playing. He understood he messed up. He wished he could have done it different. But his passion is football.”

The NFL, finally, beckoned. Teams were lining up to sign the CFL star. The Colts emerged the winner, signing him to a three-year deal in February. Duron finally has made his lifelong promise a reality.

And now cut by the NFL